Live Panel: On Roots and Fruits

This panel is a collection of talks from some of the founding members of FEMeeting regarding the impact of the conferences and other community activities, as well as their perspective on the future development of women in art, science and technology.

FEMeeting Seeds

The seeds of our garden, the aromatic herbs and giant sequoias growing within FEMeeting the year throughout, are the members of our worldwide community. This part of our garden’s program includes video testimonies, images and sounds expressing the character and souls of some of the extraordinary women working today in art, science and technology.

FEM Books

FEMeeting 2020 Garden has its own reading corners where you can find more information about the conferences and other meetings. Check out the abstracts for a concise idea on the rich variety of topics researched by the participants of FEMeeting gatherings.

FEMeeting WEB 2020

set of short videos and audio podcasts

spaceEU Toolkit Launch

spaceEU is an EU project for space outreach and education activities. In order to make these activities available to a wide audience, we collected all our expertise in a toolkit. Find out about how to use it and discover how space becomes a source for inspiration

Sarah Petkus’s Noodle Feet visits the Pavilion of Knowledge

Sarah Petku’s Robot called Noodle Feet is visiting the Pavilion of Knowledge. Join and find out how the Pavilion of Knowledge looks like.

Why stars sparkle…

Rui Agostinho, co-hosted by Ana Noronha, will have a virtual live presentation, answering questions and explaining how we can deduce the chemical composition of stars from their light. Send your questions to ESERO Portugal with the subject line: Why stars sparkle… my questions.

Pavilion of Knowledge: A Virtual Exhibition

Visit the virtual exhibition Pavilion of Knowledge and find out what our impressive space looks like.

FEMeeting 2020 Garden
FEMeeting (PT), Cultivamos Cultura (PT), Ionian University (GR), The Sanctuary for Independent Media (US), Leonardo/OLATS (FR)

FEMeeting 2020 Garden presents the harvest of the works conducted by the international community FEMeeting: Women in Art, Science and Technology since its inception. FEMeeting aims to disseminate projects carried out by individuals who identify as women to contribute to (a) the development of research methodologies in art and science and (b) the development of collaboration strategies that can increase knowledge-sharing and bring communities together.

Pavilion of Knowledge Garden
Pavilhão do Conhecimento - Ciência Viva (PT)

Ars Electronica Lisbon Garden will take us on a virtual tour of the Pavilion of Knowledge exhibits. Rui Agostinho, together with Ana Noronha, will co-host a live virtual presentation, answering questions and explaining how we can know the chemical composition of stars from their light. Ars Electronica Garden Lisbon will link to Ars Electronica spaceEU for the launch of spaceEU Toolkit, a ready-to-use digital collection of space-centered activities. Both gardens will host the world-famous Sarah Petkus’s Noodle.