Natalia Fedorova: To be the wind for the tree

Did you ever want to hear a tree talk?  Did you ever want to feel how the water goes up the tree crones? How does the wind feel for the tree? The project of the artist and curator Natalia Fedorova is based on the idea of the Internet of Trees (IoT) verbalizing the tree sensualities. It consists of a poetry generator producing iterations based on TT and sensor data.

Mediation in AIR Gallery

Pangardenia is an epidemic that has taken over the gardens and gardens that have taken over us. It vests everyone with the desire to grow or be grown by somebody else. We, St.-Petersburg artists, want to explore this phenomenon, find the new life forms generated by this epidemic and study the old ones which were preserved and hidden in the gardens. Pangardenia is made up of four paths: Parniki, Abandoned gardens, Wandering gardens, and Post(non)human gardens. One day for each path (subtheme) and a closing move of Pangardenia.

Ethan Avila, Laura Rodriguez: The Fruits of Consciousness

The final path of the trip is dedicated to finding new types of life forms, combining both human and non-human agents: robotics; AI+nature; the garden as a model of human consciousness; how to explain gardens to non-human agents; how to explain smells and touch to AI; collecting data from the gardens; big data and consciousness.

Pangardenia Boat Trip

Saint-Petersburg is a city built on swamps and full of water. We don’t have much greenery rooted in soil, but we do have underwater “gardens” (microbiome of Neva, Fontanka, Krukov Kanal, etc.) and deeply layered swamp life in the city’s depth. This path will lead us through water nomadic gardens of the city and its outskirts. It will be a site-specific artistic boat-trip that collaborated with boat-drones whose task is to collect eco-data.

Evgeniy Molodsov: Ramus

Cultural institutions such as universities and museums are locked. Used to be full of activities and people, today they are abandoned gardens. We will visit these semi-closed, semi-live spaces and share this experience online to recreate them in virtual spaces and to find new ways for growing knowledge and art.

Boris Shershenkov: Short glimpse through the curtain (2020)

The Russian term Parniki means greenhouses but they hold a connotation of hot closed space for plants, mostly southern such as tomatoes. Because of the cold climate and less natural light in Saint Petersburg we need to create an artificial climate for growing most plants. On this path we visit artists at their homes; explore indoor gardening; autonomous existence; creating gardens for spaceships and any other types of "capsuled" life.