Catalogue Presentation: FASER FADEN FIKTION | Märchen, Mythen und Materie
Tech.Tex, Robert Angerer, Michaela Haager, Sofie Lüftinger, Neriman Polat, Andreas Schmied, Alessandra Steiner

New objects, discourses and visions have emerged from the process of spinning fabrics into fibres and spinning them, in turn, into fictions, and these have all been documented as travel guides for future travelers. The Ars Electronica Center will also be showing works that have emerged from the project Märchen, Mythen und Materie (Fairy Tales, Myths and Matter), directed by Johanna Pichlbauer and Isabel Prade.


A metaverse for sound art and music EXHIBITION & CONCERTS.


Live: TechnoGAN, Trial#1, DJ3XXICA + Shinsekai


Live: merge and dissolve, FlashRust, Paul Gründorfer, A distributed location performance (2020)


Live: Fantasy Island, A Certain, Christoph Punzmann, Duo 3-Kanal, Reclaiming Time - ElektroMagnetikSpektrum

Keynote Lynn Hershman Leeson
Lynn Hershman Leeson (US)

In this lecture, Lynn Hershman Leeson will give an overview of her work, particularly related to cyborgs, from 1966’s Breathing Machines , to 2018’s Antibody and 2020’s Gravity’s End.

Uncanny Fictions
Jiré Emine Gözen, Barbara Eder, Barbara Eggert, Gloria Meynen

Moderation: Gloria Meynen

Keynote Janina Loh
Janina Loh (DE), Thomas Matzner

Loh’s research interests lie in the field of trans- and posthumanism (espe- cially critical posthumanism), robot ethics, feminist philosophy of technology, responsi- bility research, Hannah Arendt, theories of judgement, and ethics in the sciences.

Uncanny Agents
Gunter Lösel, Pamela Scorzin, Anna Bromley, Marcus Burkhard

Moderation: Marcus Burkhard

Keynote Thomas Macho
Thomas Macho (AT), Gloria Meynen

Since 2016 Thomas Macho has been director of the International Research Centre for Cultural Studies (IFK) at the University of Art and Design Linz in Vienna. In 2019 he was awarded the Sigmund Freud Prize for scholarly prose by the Ger- man Academy for Language and Poetry, and in 2020 the Austrian State Prize for Cultural Journalism.

A staged conversation
Ann Cotten, Gloria Meynen

Moderation: Gloria Meynen

Leonardo Publishing & Mentoring Workshop
Danielle Siembieda, Erica Hruby, Sheila Pinkel

Leonardo/the International Society for Arts, Sciences and Technology (Leonardo/ISAST) is a global enterprise think-tank creating inroads to imagine a better world, regenerate hope for humanity and achieve breakthrough solutions to our most complex problems. 

The Post-Pandemic City: a Provisional Profile

Specialists from different design and architecture faculties as the Politecnico di Milano and The University of Art and Design Linz will give a short presentation of their recent research on interventions and strategies for urban spaces in times of a pandemic followed by a discussion about provisional profiles for post-pandemic cities. Moderated by Anne Nigten.

Gallery Performances III
Jaskaran Anand, Vicky Michalopoulou, Razieh Kooshki & Vahid Qaderi, Afra Sönmez & Nursinem Aslan

In-between Privacy, Happy 365, Vivid Q, Onisma - Livestream.

Bring Your Own Art

Bring Your Own Art is the open stage for artists, students and researchers, who want to present their current works in 5-10 minutes, after the ‘first come, first present’ principle - Livestream.

State of Online Communities
Carla Zamora, Indiara Di Benedetto, Tiia Suorsa, Iosune Sasarate, Smirna Kulenović, Vicky Michalopoulou, Artemis Gryllaki, Rita Graça

COCO-lands, Happy 365, Syster Papyri Magicae, Networks of Care - Livestream.

Gallery Performances II
Jaskaran Anand, Alejandro Quiñones Roa, Octavian Albu

In-between Privacy, Cascada, Reconnect

Portrait of a Generative Memory
Indiara Di Benedetto (IT)

In this demonstrative performance the artist is demonstrating the project "Portrait of a Generative Memory", that focuses on the subjective interpretation of personal memories about a human face.

State of Online Culture
Tiia Suorsa, Balínt Budai, Mario Romera, Pedro Sá Couto, Giulio Interlandi

Under the Rock, #beatthefuckathome, Proof of Consensus, Tactical Watermarks, Designing Interaction for Enactive Storytelling Experiences - Livestream.

Intimacy, Embodiment & Technology
Jaskaran Anand, Indiara di Benedetto, Nomi Sasaki, Octavian Albu, Gabriele Ragusa

In-between Privacy, Track-track: Let’s Follow the cat!, Reconnect, Untitled at the Strafsachengallery - Livestream.