Ars Electronica Garden Amsterdam

Hybrid Forms

Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam (NL)

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The Hybrid Forms Garden at Ars Electronica demonstrates how artists and scientists can work together in speculative, reflective and proof of principle projects.

The Hybrid Forms Lab at Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam is a horizontal research platform where scientists and artists/designers collaborate to explore environmental science, automation, laser and optics based art, living systems and biophysics. The lab is coordinated by Dr. Raoul Frese with the assistance of Dr. Sandrine D’Haene, and seeks to seek to blur the lines between disciplines and to connect the sciences and the humanities through art.

Hybrid Forms

Academic research and education at Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam is characterized by a high level of ambition, and encourages free and open communications and ideas. VU strives for inclusiveness and openness where different perspectives can be exchanged. Only by exchanging ideas and knowledge can we understand the world we are living in. The art policy at Vrije Universiteit contributes to this goal. Art makes us conscious of our own and other perspectives. It stimulates an open and investigative attitude and a multidisciplinary approach to scientific issues.

The Vrije Universiteit has introduced art to its campus since the late 70’s. Starting in 2016, Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam aspires to a distinctive and relevant art policy that brings together current artistic and scientific research to gain different perspectives, broaden up worlds, and contribute to experiments that lead to innovations. Art and science reinforce each other. The combination of knowledge and experience leads to a better understanding of ourselves and the world around us.



Project Credits / Acknowledgements

Raoul Frese (NL), Sandrine D’Haene (NL), Wende Wallert (NL)

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