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konS ≡ Garden for Contemporary Investigative Art and Tactical Media

Kersnikova Institute [Kapelica Gallery + Rampa + BioTehna + Vivarium] (SI), Projekt Atol Institute (SI), Ljudmila Society (SI), Aksioma Institute (SI), Cona Institute (SI), University of Nova Gorica – School of Arts (SI), Youth Cultural Centre Maribor (SI), Youth Centre Velenje (SI), LokalPatriot Novo mesto (SI)

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Nine partners – contemporary investigative art producers (ngo’s), tactical media, public cultural centres and art academy, all based in Slovenia, joined their efforts in the konS ≡ Platform for Contemporary Investigative Art to establish an active research, production and presentation/dissemination network to create improved conditions for research, development and realization of contemporary investigative art projects.

konS ≡ Garden for Contemporary Investigative Art and Tactical Media

The content and structure of the konS project are complemented by the establishment of capacity building hubs, where various audiences can get empowered for critical use of new technologies (konS ≡ PARK), laboratories for artistic research across the country, which enable the production of contemporary investigative art (konS ≡ NOVA) and the laboratory for speculative innovations for translation of far-sighted artistic ideas and inventions into innovations for the advancement of social environments in Europe (konS ≡ PRAKSA).

The network is striving to put in place connections among communities, knowledge institutions, research centres and economy on the systemic level, whereby all stakeholders are interested in co-creating a sustainable, safer and more ethical future in a dynamic, constantly changing world. The konS ≡ Platform for Contemporary Investigative Art is an open and evolving structure and other communities in the cities across Slovenia and neighboring countries are invited to join the network.

konS ≡ PARK
By establishing a network of hubs across Slovenia we are creating an inspirational array fitted with tools and equipment for investigative learning experiences in electronics, robotics, sound, telecommunications, biotechnology etc. In the open peer-to-peer exchange of knowledge, creative spirits are challenged. Capacity building of diverse audiences (children, youth, adults) is crucial to sensitize people to the use of new technologies ways both creative and critical.

The first five hubs ―Rampa and osmo/za in Ljubljana, eXcenter in Nova Gorica, Sonar in Novo Mesto, Dok in Maribor― are the starting point to establish additional ones in other regions of the country.

konS ≡ NOVA
Four laboratories for artistic investigation and non-disciplinary production can be found on the platform: one for artificial life, another for robotics, a lab for remote sensing and signal processing and one for advanced permaculture. They all exist to enable the artistic investigation of the most challenging topics in contemporary society, where artists collaborate with scientists and engineers. The laboratories are interconnected and supportive of each others’ activities, with a view to upgrade the possibilities for artists to implement ambitious avant-garde projects.

This is a laboratory for speculative innovations where non-disciplinary processes accelerated by innovation catalysts are building possible scenarios for new social and product innovations. It exists to enable an open, intuitive, visionary and futuristic approach to investigate and prototype solutions that suggest alternatives to reality that do not correspond to traditional views on new technological possibilities, or to their ethically questionable use. Innovation catalysts will actively engage with industry and other sectors engaged in these processes, providing them with new designs and solutions by employing art thinking to radical innovation.



Project Credits / Acknowledgements

Partners: Kersnikova Institute (Kapelica Gallery + Rampa + BioTehna + Vivarium), Projekt Atol Institute, Ljudmila Society, Aksioma Institute, Cona Institute (all from Ljubljana), University of Nova Gorica – School of Arts, Youth Cultural Centre Maribor, Youth Centre Velenje, LokalPatriot Novo mesto – SI
konS ≡ Platform for Contemporary Investigative Art is a project chosen on the public call for the selection of the operations “Network of Investigative Art and Culture Centres”. The investment is co-financed by the Republic of Slovenia and by the European Regional Development Fund of the European Union.