Past and Future Utopia

A Utopian Post-Colonial Future – Victoria, Australia 2027

Melbourne School of Design (MSD), The University of Melbourne (AU)

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Can we imagine a utopia that creates a post-colonial social and political framework and overcomes the concept of land as commodity, inspired by indigenous concepts of relationship to country? Could a reintroduction of pre-settlement biodiversity, a return to local food production, a rethinking of community, establish a utopian and futuristic response to the challenges we face? Can a return to a holistic understanding of country, as in all species, non-human and human, as practiced in the more than 60.000 years old indigenous aboriginal culture, help us tackle our contemporary crises, from climate change and a system of continuous growth to the extinction of species and the industrialization of our food production?

Emerge yourself in VR by accessing this Mozilla Hub to engage in a multitude of future scenarios that sketch out the potential to reflect on these questions.

Project Credits / Acknowledgements

All projects are developed by students in the Master of Architecture at the Melbourne School of Design, MSD, and are imagined for a rural site in Victoria, Australia.
Studio 40, Melbourne School of Design, The University of Melbourne, led by Dr Rochus Hinkel (DE/AU). Projects by Maria Bulmaga (AU), Leonie Csanki (AU), Gina Dahl (NO/AU), Jun Da Ling (MY/AU), Sandra Lin (AU), Liam Maddern-Wellington (AU), Gabrielle Miegeville-Little (NZ/AU), Dylan Newell (AU), Lei Ni (CN/AU), Zarli Skinner (AU), Evelyn Suresh (IN/AU), Tangrusi Wang (CN/AU).