Radicalization by Design - Panel discussion
Joanna Bryson (UK/DE), Bharath Ganesh (US/NL), Richard Rogers (UK/NL), Sahana Udupa (DE). Moderation: Arjon Dunnewind (NL) and Marc Tuters (CA/NL)

Live panel discussion - Speakers from the “Radicalization by Design” web project and other guests will discuss issues of freedom of speech, of extreme speech and deplatforming. Recently the big corporate social media platforms have come under immense pressure to clean up their act.

Radicalization by Design - Webproject
Florian Cramer (DE/NL), Bharat Ganesh (US/NL), Jon Rafman (CA/US), Richard Rogers (US/NL), Dimitri Tokmetzis (NL)

Webproject - Radicalization by Design will discuss the question of whether our media are radicalizing us. Is social media tearing society apart? How do trolls, conspiracy theories, memes and fringe platforms impact politics today?

Air on Air
Yasuaki Kakehi (JP), Daisuke Akatsuka (JP), Juri Fujii (JP), Yoshimori Yoshikawa(JP), Joung Min Han (KR)

This work is an installation that connects distant places online. Bubble machines at the installation site then creates soap bubbles based on the breath data of online participants in real time. Through a web browser, they can see the bubbles floating in the air as if they are blowing in person at the venue. This work allows participants to feel the air in a remote location. And it also gives them a way to communicate to the remote location ”physically” in these times of restricted mobility.


In this unique location, the facade of Hauptplatz 8 turns into a virtual window that opens to show the world beyond the square. On several evenings during the Ars Electronica Festival, after the sun has set, different audiovisual projects are projected onto the media facade, inviting festival visitors and passers-by to enjoy and interact with them from near and far. And though originally conceived as an installation planned solely for THE WILD STATE during Ars Electronica, we might see it again in the future.  

Paweł Janicki (PL)

Sound artwork that combines three installations located physically in the public space of Wrocław. One of them is the plane tree, which was featured as the central component of the installation E.D.E.N. by Olga Kisseleva displayed at the Four Domes Pavilion during the 18th Media Art Biennale WRO 2019 CZYNNIK LUDZKI|HUMAN ASPECT.

Random Rhetoric
MADE Group (GR)

“Random Rhetoric“ refers to computerized practices in politics, which are carried out through computers under the norm that political ideas operate as an outcome of mechanized processes and statistics, aiming at the absolute persuasion, the seduction of the audience, allured from the representation of a machine mimicking a human being.

Solar Orchard Garden
ESPRONCEDA - Institute of Art & Culture (ES), MIRA Festival (ES), Insitute Ramon Llull (ES), Helsinki XR Center (FI), ./studio3, Institut for Experimental Architecture (AT), MEET Digital Culture Center (IT), UCA (UK)

The Solar Orchard Garden is a complex system that activates the curiosity of visitors / participants by play with two complementary concepts: quintessence, the fifth element of alchemy, and the Gaia Hypothesis, which looks at Earth as a self-regulated complex system.