Paweł Janicki (PL)

Sound artwork that combines three installations located physically in the public space of Wrocław. One of them is the plane tree, which was featured as the central component of the installation E.D.E.N. by Olga Kisseleva displayed at the Four Domes Pavilion during the 18th Media Art Biennale WRO 2019 CZYNNIK LUDZKI|HUMAN ASPECT.

Gardens of Darkness, Gardens of Light

In Gardens of Darkness, Gardens of Light, Utrecht-based media arts organization IMPAKT will present art projects and discussions addressing the perils and promises of technoculture at a historic moment, when the future seems profoundly uncertain.

Point Nemo Garden
WRO Art Center (PL)

The event was organized at the Szczytnicki Park close to the plane tree, an example of Wrocław’s long-time signature species.

RIXC Center for Art and Science, Riga (LV) in collaboration with Virtual BioSensing Project Group at BioDesign Lab HfG in Karlsruhe (DE)

PLA(N)Tform is a virtual 'organism' in which digital and biological actors grow and evolve in 'ecosystemic' relations. It is a speculative experiment of 'terrestrial co-existence' transforming biological, techno-scientific and atmospheric processes into a space-time of 'planthropocene' – gardens for human-plant 'involution'. The PLA(N)Tform at Ars Electronica will evolve into a virtual garden connecting live video concert from the Forest Garden Greenhouse in Riga and Virtual BioSensing exhibition as well as ‘growing, sensing and making kin-ship’ performances in Karlsruhe.

Future Life. Interferences, Alterations, Changes.
Laboral Centro de Arte y Creación Industrial (ES)

The artists in this exhibition work with blood and chlorophyll to investigate the connections between human and plant life. They use microbial cultures, robotic clams and sensors to demonstrate the contamination of the oceans; or apply AI algorithms so that something as innocent as a flower can visualize financial speculation. They also engage with the new icons, practices and virtual devices that define the increasingly polarized and radicalized scenarios of online social and cultural ecosystems.

KONTEJNER ǀ bureau of contemporary art praxis (HR)

Through topics like pollution, interspecies communication, climate change, the "post-human" body and the Anthropocene, the KONTEJNER Garden project underlines the need for new values and morals. The project artists are not complacent or ignoring life, they are creating their own visionary narratives building on discourses of unity rather than division and embracing concepts like "human” and “nature".

Ecole nationale supérieure d’art (ENSA) (FR), Antre-Peaux (FR)

The collective DRUMS, made up of 9 emerging artists researching and working within the field of sound and beyond, offer two hours of streaming over five days (September 9-13). Each daily session will be based on a specific pattern, responding to the pattern of the day before. "A throw of the dice never will abolish chance." – Mallarmé

Stories of Athens
Onassis Stegi (GR)

The works presented in the context of Ars Electronica Garden Athens explore the post-human condition, the changing boundaries of city and the body, the need for environmental justice and the emergence of new subjectivities, as well as new forms of regulation, resistance, dissent and expression. The program includes Data Garden, a multimedia installation, and HackAthens 2020, a series of five works in the form of film, digital games, sound drama and mobile apps.