COVID-19 Crisis

Walter Ötsch (AT), Renata Schmidtkunz (AT)

Szenarien und Aussichten für die Zukunft – Wie kann es weitergehen?

The COVID-19 crisis is not only a natural phenomenon: it is also a social one. It underscores how vulnerable individual countries are, and whether and how they are able to respond to the pandemic.

Beginning in spring 2020, society, politics, media and the economy have been under unprecedented scrutiny: Do they have the strength to act appropriately? The findings on the current situation are crucial: Which crisis are we facing? What aspects of society are affected? What have we learned about our society since the outbreak? What images have changed, and can this have a lasting effect?

It is clear that, in economic terms, this is the biggest crisis in 100 years. The question of how things can continue – not only economically – moves many: What scenarios are possible? What is realistic? What could happen in the future? Are there also indications of positive developments?

We invite people from the fields of philosophy, sociology, economics and media studies to take part in a public discussion of these questions. Experts will present their views, challenge each other and offer suggestions for the future of our society.

Concept: Walter Ötsch (AT)
Moderation: Renata Schmidtkunz (DE)