Beside the Nibelungen bridge & Oribokit: Gardening for Robots

Oribokit: Gardening for Robots

Matthew Gardiner (AU)

Robotic Origami Workshop with Matthew Gardiner. ’Oribokit: Gardening for Robots‘  introduces a new artscience kit by Ars Electronica Futurelab researcher Matthew Gardiner. The kit allows you to make your own robotic garden at home. The assembled kit grafts onto a tree branch and is designed to minimise material usage and maximise modular recyclability for robotic origami applications. Kits include 1,2 or 3 oribotic blossoms featuring easy-to-fold laser-cut paper, servo motors, drive wires, and Arduino compatible STM32 microcontroller plus open-source firmware. 

Partipants in the oribokit™ workshops are guided by digital workshops, physical workshops in Melbourne and online instructional materials to fold, assemble and start their own oribotic garden. The project will run over several weeks to allow participants to join a workshop timeslot suitable to their geographical location.

Kits and workshop tickets can be purchased from (numbers are strictly limited).


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Project Credits / Acknowledgements

Matthew Gardiner. Workshops hosted by Experimenta. Thanks to Rachel, Josh and Ray Gardiner. Workshops hosted by Experimenta. Aspects of this workshop are spin-offs from research supported by the FWF PEEK Program.