Prix Ars Electronica “u19–create your world”

Die Zukunft liegt in unseren Händen

Students from BG & BRG III Boerhaavegasse (*2005, 2006) (AT)

In Kepler’s Gardens at the JKU Campus – create your world
create your world: during opening hours

Young Creatives

u14 Honorary Mention

Together, we reflected on what we would wish for our future.

We photographed our hands in various positions and gestures and then wrote our wishes on the photographs with markers and felt-tip pens. The result is the photography project Die Zukunft liegt in unseren Händen (The Future is in Our Hands).

Photographing our hands was a beautiful experience. It is not only faces that can tell stories but also hands. Our hands are an expressive part of our bodies: we use them to express our feelings non-verbally and to accompany our words. Our hands help us to create artworks and to shape our future anew every day.

What do we wish for our future?

A world in which tolerance is more than just a word.
A healthy planet, climate justice, and acceptance.
Fairness, respect, individuality.
No racism, no homophobia.
Self-love, self-acceptance.
Peace and the equality of all people.
Respect for girls and women through free feminine-hygiene products.
No destruction or injuries.

Hands can hit and destroy, but at the same time can be so light, caressing and tender.
Let’s live gently on this earth.
The future is in our hands.

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Project Credits / Acknowledgements

Project support: Elisabeth Reingruber
Ani Antonyan, Julia Blaschek, Natascha Brückner, Marlene Egger, Caroline Hofmann, Miriam Hölfont, Linnea Leicht, Lilly Lindner, Larissa Lutz, Linda Michelitsch, Paula Reinthaler, Christina Ruff, Lara Silbergasser, Alina Sommer, Alma Sutterlüty / Students from BG & BRG III, Vienna (AT)



Students from BG & BRG III, Vienna. We are fifteen girls (b. 2005, 2006) from class 4a of BG & BRG III, Boerhaavegasse Vienna, a school with a special focus on music. Our class has an art focus with more advanced instruction in the visual arts. In our artistic work, we are able to freely develop and live out our talents.



On an unusual “canvas,” fifteen girls from an 8th-grade class at BG & BRG III created on an unusual “canvas” a picture of their wishes for their future; they drew their thoughts with markers and felt-tip pens on their hands and documented the results in a photography project. The power of this submission lies in the wealth of the works. Despite the various artistic styles—some pictures display delicate lines, in some the entire surface is covered, while in others the individual themes of the hands literally intertwine—the overall image resulting from Die Zukunft liegt in unseren Händen is one of fairness, respect, and individuality; of a world without racism and homophobia, of a healthy planet, and much more.


Talent Talks

As a complementary international part of the category u19–create your world of the Prix Ars Electronica, jury member and moderator Conny Lee (AT) is talking with some of this years winners about their ideas, creativity and future visions.

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