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Emanuele Balia (IT), Fabrizio Casti (IT), Sandro Mungianu (IT)

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ENTU is a sci-art project by Emanuele Balia, Fabrizio Casti and Sandro Mungianu in collaboration with Umanesimo Artificiale and EIA Factory.
Researchers and artists will collaborate to return open data in the form of music, images and words, through the use of AI algorithms, to offer a highly perceptive, visual and sound return of the effect that pollution and development, understood as pressure anthropogenic, have on wind, rain and the environment.

EIA FACTORY is a collective of artists and a research & development laboratory on technologies applied to Art based in Sardinia.
It proposes research and training activities on the use of advanced Artificial Intelligence techniques applied to Art and on disciplinary fields ranging from design to audiovisual production and the creation of interactive installations. It is involved in the valorisation of scientific research through the languages of art, combining reflections and competences capable of highlighting the production of scientific data (including open data produced by the public administration) and using all the tools and aesthetics of new media art as an expressive language.

CRS4, through a series of projects, monitors the impact that the massive adoption of new technologies and the anthropization of the territory have on climatic agents; the wind (Entu, in Sardinian) changes as the temperature of the sea water increases, due to fires in the hinterland and on the coasts, as the urbanization of the city increases; thus changes the song that blows on the objects left by men, but also on the rocks and the Mediterranea bush.

>> Entu is a project in residence in Sardinia, Italy, and it will be presented – in form of documentation – at the Ars Electronica Garden in Fano, as well as during the live streaming on Saturday 11th from 5.30pm.


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Emanuele Balia: Musician and audio programmer who develops interactive sound music systems for installations and live performances.

Fabrizio Casti: He derives his aesthetics from instrumental composition, but he also works in the field of art installation, visual arts and improvisation. He is a teacher at the State Conservatory of Music in Cagliari (Italy).

Sandro Mungianu: Composer and a multimedia artist. In his works he always interacts with robotics and hyper-tools. He is currently a teacher at the “Francesco Morlacchi” Conservatory of Music in Perugia.


In collaboration with Umanesimo Artificiale and EIA Factory: Center for Research, Development and Higher Studies in Sardinia.