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The Power of the Unseen

Japan Media Arts Festival, Agency for Cultural Affairs, Government of Japan (JP)

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Time, Sound, Resonance, Ecosystems, Social Bodies, Bonds and Life

This is an era in which technology blankets the entire world and all societies, and underlies people’s cognition and behavioral patterns. Until this point, we took technology for granted as a mere tool, but now we live in a world where unperfected technology interacts with itself so rapidly as if it were mutating into something we have no control of. As humans lose their grip on technology, we are being questioned about the meaning of life as human beings.

Without exception, we are all now aware that modern civilization is being shaken by what we cannot “see,” such as the overly standardized social system which lacks diversity and tolerance, and the vulnerability of our overcrowded cities, in their constant pursuit of greater efficiency. There are no spectators. It’s time for us to start the Digital New Deal.

The previously unseen forces of time, sound, resonance, ecosystems, social bodies, bonds and life have also brought new sensations to our inherent cognitive powers. Knowing that we can now perceive the world by using all the functions of our bodies, we can receive wisdom, have the courage to live, and perceive those areas of human life that are unchanged. The time has come to redefine the world itself under these new conditions.

We will be introducing winners from the Japan Media Arts Festival, by exploring the work of artists and practitioners who continue to express the signs of change in society. We will also highlight various collective activities in the industrial world that go beyond the boundaries of art.

Director of Garden TOKYO, Japan Media Arts Festival Overseas Promotion
September 2021


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Director: Asako Tomura
Artist (Live performance): evala (See by Your Ears)
Artists (Online Exhibition): Meiro Koizumi, Ory Yoshifuji, Kaito Sakuma, Yasuaki Kakehi Laboratory (The University of Tokyo)
Moderators and speakers: Asako Tomura, Maholo Uchida, Jiro Kubo, Masato Nagahiro