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A Higher Purpose!

Welcome to the Sacred Garden. Plato once said “Music gives a soul to the universe, wings to the mind, flight to the imagination and life to everything.” Throughout history, people have used music and art to convey their beliefs, inner thoughts and emotions. With the oldest known musical instrument dated 50,000 years ago, and the oldest painting dated over 45000 years ago, we can say music and art are not ancient, but prehistoric and very human. Medieval times saw a renewed interest in music in monasteries and with studies in universities. Sacred music was composed for religious use and influence. Music proved to be especially powerful in its use in courtship, prayer, worship, sacrifice, divination, and primitive rituals. One can understand how music and art can be extremely robust mediums that can help accomplish goals of significant importance. Nowadays, music and art are omnipresent and in our view, diluted through mainstream entertainment, commercials, social media, and memes. Sacred Garden hopes to refocus the unbounded potential of music and art for a higher purpose. As technology advances, we can imagine even greater possibilities to produce new innovative performing art. And we should embrace technology with a healthy blend of humanity’s warmth and meaning. We hope to bring music and art back to its original high value and high importance state, where it may emanate profound influence and appeal.


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Egret Cultural and Educational Foundation:
Curator / At Director / Producer / Composer / Performer: Chia-Hui Lu
Executive Producer / Executive Director: Yu-Chiou Tchen
Project Manager: Stanley Leong
Project Coordinator: Allyson Chin, Shu-Hui Lai

Artists : Yu-Chiou Tchen, Chia- Hui Lu, Po-Yu Wang, Vick Wong, Akibo Lee, Jeff Hsieh
Featuring Painters: Houei-Kuen Chen, Paul Chiang,
Composers: Gordon Chin, Nan-Chang Chien, Chia-Hui Lu
Conductors: Günther Herbig, Wen-Pin Chien
Pianist: Chia-Hui Lu
Dancer: Billy Chang, Li-En Xu, Chia-Hong Chen, Shu-Yu Tsai

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Engine Studios
Eslite Performance Hall
National Symphony Orchestra
The Spring Foundation
The Paul Chiang Art and Culture Foundation
The Mr. & Ms. Yuan-Dong Sheu’s Culture and Education Memorial Foundation