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Moss (IR/FR)

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Mohsen Ataei AKA Moss is a veteran Iranian underground DJ, starting electronic music back in 2000. Collecting and playing music has been an obsession with Moss since his teenage years, eventually leading him to study Audio Engineering and Electronic music production at SAE Paris. In the late 2000s, he became a member and producer of the Parisian underground cult band „Big Daddy’s Dead“ performing at most of the city’s prestigious clubs. He’s also DJ’d internationally across the globe, while always remaining active in the ever-growing underground electronic music scene in Iran. Moss is from the first generation of Iranians who imported the art of DJing to Iran as what we know it today. He is also known for his dynamic DJing style and his ability to crossover between many different musical genres from House and Techno to Ambient, world music and more experimental sounds.

In 2011 Moss took a detour from his music career and moved to Tehran to take over the restoration of an abandoned family building that he turned into a multifunctional space, now home to the “Aaran projects” art gallery and “Reera” cafe/restaurant which is a hotspot for artists and music lovers alike. After winning the Architectural prize for the restoration project in 2017, he couldn’t deny the passion for music so he continues his journey and is currently a resident DJ and co-director at Analog Room (DXB).