Panel 2: CIFO & Ars Electronica: Latin American media art. History and praxis.
Tania Aedo (MX), Rafael Lozano-Hemmer, Amor Muñoz (MX), Eduardo Kac (BR), Ivan Abreu (CU), Oscar Santillan (EC), Patricia Dominguez (CL), Marcela Armas (MX), Tania Candiani (MX)

The second panel will gather Latin American media artists - Iván Abreu, Marcela Armas, Tania Candiani, Patricia Domínguez, Eduardo Kac, Rafael Lozano-Hemmer, Amor Muñoz, Oscar Santillan,, that will present their oeuvre along with the work of various artists with similar creative journeys and common artistic scenes.

Panel 1: CIFO & Ars Electronica: Latin American media art. History and praxis.
Rafael Lozano Hemmer (MX), Martin Honzik (AT), Rodrigo Alonso (AR), Tania Aedo (MX), Jose-Carlos Mariategui (PE), Maria Fernandez (NI)

The virtual event will concentrate both on exploring the rich set of historical precedents in pioneering experimental practices in Latin America, and on recent productions in the fields of media art such as AI and ML, robotics and drones, VR and AR, AV sculpture, and landscape, blockchain and metaverse, biotech and biomimesis, NetArt, hacking and viruses.

Iran Taaziye
Golnaz Asldini (IR)

This Taaziye (Taziyeh) movie is about ritual of the Nooshabad people in a small city near Kashan, Iran. Annually, many people get together to mourn the martyrdom of Emam Hossein. The main feature of this event is that all activities in cities would be cancelled during the mourning carnival. This event is accompanied with live traditional, folklore music with a jubilant rhythm, but tragic lyrics. it’s the director has published a book about this subject, and defended her dissertation in master of theater directing in Turkey.

Golnaz Asldini (IR), Moein Mohebalian (IR)

A theatrical work written and directed by Moein Mohebalian narrates the life of a theater couple who want to immigrate to another country, however, it is not possible for them. Golnesa Farokh, acted by Golnaz Asldini, is a playwright student. The play IELTS 6.5 took part in anologio festival in Greece 2021, heard in the universal day of theater in Athens.

Dilan group
Boshra Khademlou, Vahideh Moghari, Saba Shirazi, Neda Ravaei, Nasim Sabet, Ghadam Rosa, Ghasem Zadeh, Rozhin Ebrahimi

Performance of Sama, an Iranian dance based on ritual movement and mystic resonance between a person and God. it also resembles a symbolic relationship between Earth and sky.

Establishing foundations for becoming professional in theater based on Student theater
Reza Kianian (IR), Dr Ghotbedin Sadeghi (IR), Dr Esmaeil Shafiee (IR), Moein Mohebalian (IR)

There are some interviews about student theater subjects with famous artists in cinema, theater and performing arts of Iran, particularly about (acting journey, academic life, experimental life, Interview of Moein Mohebalian with Reza Kiyaniyan, actor, theater director and writer), (University theater committee/theatrical society, Interview with Professor Ghotbedin Sadeghi, director, author, researcher, translator, faculty member of university) interview with associate professor Esmaeel Shafiee, Director, researcher, author, and faculty member of Tehran art university about student university theater. All the artists come from Iran.

Ars Semantica Garden
Christl Baur (AT/DE), Germán Ito (AR), Veronika Liebl (AT), Mariano Sardon (AR), Mariano Sigman (AR/ES), Marcos Trevisan (AR)

Through the uses of deep learning tools for the semantic analysis of texts, Ars Semantica looks for correlations and visualizations of the the Ars Electronica archive by comparing them to artistic and techno-scientific textual corpuses through time.

Tour de Force
Deutsches Hygiene-Museum

How can a museum transfer its authentic on-site experience into the digital world? The New Digital Deal allows visitors from all over the world to enjoy a virtual live tour through the Deutsches Hygiene-Museum’s (DHMD) permanent exhibition “The Human Adventure.”