Art as Catalyst: How can Art act as a Catalyst?
Territorial Agency (INT)

John Palmesino and Ann-Sofi Rönnskog discuss how art thinking shapes their work at Territorial Agency, with a focus on their project Oceans in Transformation, awarded the STARTS '21 Grand Prize by the European Commission.

Art as Compass: Technologies for Becoming Others
Dominique Chen (JP)

In order to examine the theme of Art as Compass, Dominique Chen focusses on the problems of language in our time, such as the division and polarization in social networking services.

Art as Journalism: The Artist Vanguard
Karen Palmer (UK)

Karen Palmer is the Storyteller from the Future and she has come back to enable you to survive what is to come through the power of storytelling, but she did not come back alone. Through this broadcast from the future she shares with us important tools for liberation devised by artists and storytellers.

PROOF OF ART – Eine kurze Geschichte der NFTs
OÖ Landes-Kultur GmbH (AT), Jesse Damiani (US), Fabian Müller (DE), Markus Reindl (AT)

Mit PROOF OF ART präsentiert die OÖ Landes-Kultur GmbH die weltweit erste museale Ausstellung zur Geschichte der NFTs und der digitalen Kunst. Passend zum Thema nicht nur offline in den Ausstellungsräumen des Francisco Carolinum, sondern auch online in der virtuellen Welt von Cryptovoxels. Angesichts der Entwicklungen rund um NFTs in der Kunst und auf dem Kunstmarkt kann es nicht ausbleiben, sich mit deren Geschichte zu befassen – und damit, warum sie plötzlich in aller Munde sind.

Journey - INFINITY
Media Art Globale (MAG) Festival by Connected Art Platform (CAP), (ID)

Garden Indonesia elaborates on the adaptations of our cultural environment, the process of life and our heritage system, ranging from rattan to Indonesian side-dishes transformed into interactive installations.

Panel 2: CIFO & Ars Electronica: Latin American media art. History and praxis.
Tania Aedo (MX), Rafael Lozano-Hemmer, Amor Muñoz (MX), Eduardo Kac (BR), Ivan Abreu (CU), Oscar Santillan (EC), Patricia Dominguez (CL), Marcela Armas (MX), Tania Candiani (MX)

The second panel will gather Latin American media artists - Iván Abreu, Marcela Armas, Tania Candiani, Patricia Domínguez, Eduardo Kac, Rafael Lozano-Hemmer, Amor Muñoz, Oscar Santillan,, that will present their oeuvre along with the work of various artists with similar creative journeys and common artistic scenes.

Panel 1: CIFO & Ars Electronica: Latin American media art. History and praxis.
Rafael Lozano Hemmer (MX), Martin Honzik (AT), Rodrigo Alonso (AR), Tania Aedo (MX), Jose-Carlos Mariategui (PE), Maria Fernandez (NI)

The virtual event will concentrate both on exploring the rich set of historical precedents in pioneering experimental practices in Latin America, and on recent productions in the fields of media art such as AI and ML, robotics and drones, VR and AR, AV sculpture, and landscape, blockchain and metaverse, biotech and biomimesis, NetArt, hacking and viruses.

Art Thinking Forum
Hakuhodo x Ars Electronica

Das Art Thinking Forum ist eine von Ars Electronica und Hakuhodo gemeinsam ins Leben gerufene Plattform zur Diskussion und zum Austausch von Ideen darüber, wie Kunst für eine bessere Gesellschaft genutzt werden kann. Das Forum erörtert die Rolle der Kunst in der Zukunft anhand innovativer Beispiele kreativer chemischer Reaktionen zwischen verschiedenen Bereichen und der Kunst.

Open Art Thinking / Actions for Deep Issues
Maria Pfeifer (AT) and Stefan Mittlböck (AT) - Ars Electronica FutureLab

Pavel Méndez Hernández  (CU)

I believe in the power of art to de-automatize the gaze and my mission is to transform that aptitude into action. I develop philosophical works that focus on the human being, on the prejudices and external predispositions that underlie their experience.