The sound of ENTU
Emanuele Balia (IT)

The piece is a generative audio from the installation project ENTU Umanesimo Artificiale in its Garden Bologna/Fano. Data from the wind collected in Sardinia island in Italy is processed through algorithms that explore its timbral potential of the physical phenomenon. What you will se is the software interface during the live interaction by the artist, in the purest form of collaboration between man and machine.

Marco Barotti Exhibit
Marco Barotti (IT)


Panel guests: Federica Fragapane (IT), Michela Milano (IT), Iolanda Pensa (IT), Valentina Tanni (IT), Moderated by: Federico Bomba (IT)

How can data help us in better understanding environmental and social challenges? Data are not good or bad, they simply are. Their aim is, or it should be, empowering our knowledge about the complex ecosystem we live in. But they do not speak for themselves: someone - or something - must present them in a shape so that they can produce new awareness.

Marco Barotti

The central element of the kinetic sound sculpture is a dome overgrown with moss, its movement driven by readings of nitrogen oxide concentrations at various locations on our planet. Moss is regarded as a bio-indicator of air pollution, and this forms Barotti’s first collaboration with a living organism.

Un suono in estinzione

Un suono in estinzione is an art & science project aimed at monitoring climate change implications on alpine glaciers through an artistic exploration.

Un millesimo di millimetro
Giovanni Muzio (IT)

Un millesimo di millimentro speculates about a near-future where microplastics are so pervasive in the oceans that they become part of the evolution of marine microorganisms.

Emanuele Balia (IT), Fabrizio Casti (IT), Sandro Mungianu (IT)

Researchers and artists will collaborate to return open data in the form of music, images and words, through the use of AI algorithms, to offer a highly perceptive, visual and sound return of the effect that pollution and development, understood as pressure anthropogenic, have on wind, rain and the environment.