Roots & Seeds XXI: Campus Cartographies
Veronika Krenn (AT), masharu (NL/RU), Raphael Perret (CH), Tiziana Centofanti (IT), Andreas Zingerle (AT), Markus Puschenreiter (AT), Franz Stürmer (AT)

The Campus Cartographies are an exploration of plant diversity in and around the Kepler Gardens taking place during this year’s Ars Electronica Festival in the framework of Roots & Seeds XXI. Together with host Veronika Krenn, the participants dive into one aspect that has a critical impact on our plant life: the soil that is its basis for growth.

Roots & Seeds XXI - What is the Biodiversity Crisis?
Lucio Montecchio (IT)

During the last years, the discourses around the loss of biodiversity and more sustainable production and consumption models have advanced widely in the fields of natural sciences, social sciences and new technologies. How can we change this and co-create a more sustainable future?

Roots & Seeds XXI - ABOUT_ Multidisciplinary Garden Cartography
Claudia Schnugg (AT)

During the Roots & Seeds XXI workshops, participants from different fields (artists, scientists, philosophers, researchers, curators, cultural agents, and others), whose practices are linked to the plant world in different ways, will analyze the crisis of biodiversity with the intention of proposing sustainable ways of relating to nature. Through these workshops, Roots & Seeds XXI seeks to safeguard and promote botanical heritage, weaving scientific knowledge with storytelling and humanities.

Journey - Molten Airs
Institutio Media (LT), Alt lab in collaboration with Lithuanian Interdisciplinary Artists' Association (LT)

The Journey “Molten Airs” gives the online visitors an impression of the garden Vilnius. In its three-part speculative workshop series, each created by a different artist, garden Vilnius speculates on the human relationship to plants, food, and energy. By using methods borrowed from the sciences, the series delves into unknown interactions between small and large, real and fictional, alive and not alive, us and them. The audience is invited to contribute to the workshops with their stories, images and sounds.

Designing digital products more sustainably
Tom Jarrett (UK)

Learn about the environmental impacts of the internet and digital technology and join a workshop exploring how to think about designing digital products and services more sustainably.

Ars Electronica Garden Barcelona – ESPRONCEDA EXPO
Solimán López (ES), Mohsen Hazrati (IR), Mila Moleman (NL), Sammie de Vries (NL), Zalán Szakács (NL), Lucía Redondo Rubio (ES), Mathieu Preux (FR), Clea T. Waite (US), Jared Christopher Kelley (US), Max Orozco (US), Anirudhan Iyengar (AT), Dominic Schwab (DE), Helvijs Savickis (LV), Julia Obleitner (AT), Nuño de la Serna Vicente (ES/DE)

ESPRONCEDA - Institute of Art & Culture, following its mission of international cooperation and creation of innovation synergies, participates for the second consecutive year in Ars Electronica Gardens, with an exhibition proposal that is based on two concepts, first in the challenge of the Festival: exploring new formats accessible and interactive digital platforms that create inclusive participation in an entertaining and attractive way, and second in the vision of New European Bauhaus, an initiative of which Espronceda is an official partner and that wants to generate more artistic, sustainable and inclusive forms of coexistence.

Disconnected Experiences of digital practices in Cuba
Nestor Siré (CU), Cristina Figueroa Vives (CU), Jorge Fernández (CU), Yusnier Mentado (CU), Maurice Haedo Sanabria (CU), Martha Luisa Hernandez Cadenas (CU), Asniel S. Herrera González (CU), Pavel Méndez Hernández (CU), Javier Montenegro Naranjo and Miguel Alejandro Nicolás Díaz (CU), Bryan J. Romero García (CU)

Disconnected Experiences of digital practices in Cuba is a video that will gather the impressions of everyone involved in the project, including the curator, the organizing committee, the jury and the selected artists.

Disconnected Experiences in !!!Sección ARTE [No. 35]
Maurice Haedo Sanabria (CU), Martha Luisa Hernandez Cadenas (MINIPUNTO) (CU), Asniel S. Herrera González (CU), Pavel Méndez Hernández (CU), Javier Montenegro Naranjo (CU) and Miguel Alejandro Nicolás Díaz (CU), Bryan J. Romero García (CU) 

Disconnected Experiences proposes an approach to cultural experiences and digital practices that confluence offline and online space (virtual and physical) without apparent conflict in the Cuban context.

White Sample Live Set
Ignacio Cuevas | White Sample (CL)

Analog live set playing with the Autonomy/Dependency installation of electromechanical systems with plants. Music in between ambient, electroacoustic and electronica in a biological environment.

Cooking for Freedom
Maria Felices (CL)

What is freedom for you? For many, freedom is just a matter of doing “Whatever we want”. So we go around thinking that we are free; But blackmail starts from within as we get to cover our needs, We decide to study, to get a job so we can “Pay the bills”, but at the end of the day we give up our time for money. Now with that money we think that we can buy “Whatever we want” but now we don’t have our time, so rush into the supermarket to get our food, as it will be easier to get it from there, now big corporations also control what we eat. But the decisions that we make are given by the possibilities of our contexts, and for years we have the illusion of choice.