Virtual Art Gallery

The Berlin Garden is hosting a virtual Rave on Friday night (CEST) in the RAVE SPACE, Berlin's first virtual 3D club. An extension of the club is a virtual art gallery, which will be open for the entire duration of the festival and show artistic representations of the Garden Berlin's real exhibits. Exhibition
.ART, Vr-All-Art, Ars Electronica features curated pavilions and an exhibition of digital artists selected through an open call.

Dear Joachim, …
Hannes Hoelzl (IT), Dirk Erdmann (DE), Vinzenz Aubry (DE), Ólafur Arnalds (IS), Robert Schnüll (DE), Alberto de Campo (AT), Jussi Ängeslevä (FI), Andi Ruckel (DE)

Webbasierte digitale Kondolenzseite und räumliche Audioinstallation, die über den persönlichen Einfluss des verstorbenen Medienkünstlers und Designers Joachim Sauter auf viele von uns kon­tem­p­lie­rt.

Sustainable Futures & New Pathways to Innovation

Sustainable Futures & New Pathways to Innovation is an interactive online experience that explores three concrete challenges tackled by artists who have participated in S+T+ARTS across three thematic areas: Tangible Data, Sustainable Futures and Navigating the Digital Realm.

Journey - Extractivism: Operations and Practices
Universidad Austral de Chile, Faculty of Architecture and Arts (CL), Institute of Visual Arts, Galería Réplica (CL)

The Journey "Extractivism: Operations and Practices" gives an impression of the Valdivia Garden.

Where we emerge - Pop-up and online exhibition
Sarah Conway Brophy, Sydney Gush, Jung Ho Park, Charlie Dean, Jungwoo Lee, Justine Nalus Guzman, Kelly Yue Xi

The whole world experienced the struggles of life in confinement and how it boosted our relationship with the digital world. This collective experience marked a watershed in the way we experience life. WHERE WE EMERGE is a pop-up exhibition in which students of the Art & Technology Studies department at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago reflect on this change in our society.

Neo-Human Scale
HjkEg Collective: Heeju Kim(KR), Eugene Godunov(MD)

'Neo-Human Scale' involved research into various topics such as proxemics, the scale of human history, microbial community distribution, the concept of distance in biology, and cosmology. It incorporates images of the natural environment including images of microbial communities, drones, human social distance, and the distance in space and the galaxy.

Online showcase 'Immersive Performance'
30,000ft: Kyoungbin Son(KR), Jihyo Han(KR), Sejun Lee(KR), Jiyoung Park(KR) / ARTNORI: Ark Park(KR), Junghoon BakShim(KR), Jun Ryu(KR), Minah Kim(KR), Jiyoung Hong(KR), Hyeri Lee(KR), Wonjeong Lee(KR), Sol Yoon(KR), Jeongwoo Park(KR), Woogyeong Lee(KR), Juyeong Park(KR), Jeongwook Goh(KR), Hongseok Lee(KR), Dongyoung Won(KR), Junghoon Han(KR), DarwinTech Corp(KR) / Inter-cumulation: Jeeyoun Kim(KR), Minjin Jeong(KR), Sooyeon Choi(KR), Jun Ryu(KR), Teri Seo(KR) / MANANA: Yunji Kwon(KR), Minhee Kim(KR), Minyoung Lim(KR), Wangwon Lee(KR), Jahyuk Koo(KR) / On and Off: Jiyoung Park(KR), Jihyo Han(KR), Lime Gwon(KR), Sujin Park(KR), Jeongeun Park(KR), Heesu Mun(KR)

'Immersive Performance' is an online showcase to introduce the creation of the K-arts X Ars Electronica Academy, a creative education program run in cooperation with the Ars Electronica Export. Part 2. Immersive Performance is designed to experiment with a real-time Immersive Content creation process by attempting to merge virtual reality into performance.

Ars Electronica Garden Barcelona – ESPRONCEDA EXPO
Solimán López (ES), Mohsen Hazrati (IR), Mila Moleman (NL), Sammie de Vries (NL), Zalán Szakács (NL), Lucía Redondo Rubio (ES), Mathieu Preux (FR), Clea T. Waite (US), Jared Christopher Kelley (US), Max Orozco (US), Anirudhan Iyengar (AT), Dominic Schwab (DE), Helvijs Savickis (LV), Julia Obleitner (AT), Nuño de la Serna Vicente (ES/DE)

ESPRONCEDA - Institute of Art & Culture, following its mission of international cooperation and creation of innovation synergies, participates for the second consecutive year in Ars Electronica Gardens, with an exhibition proposal that is based on two concepts, first in the challenge of the Festival: exploring new formats accessible and interactive digital platforms that create inclusive participation in an entertaining and attractive way, and second in the vision of New European Bauhaus, an initiative of which Espronceda is an official partner and that wants to generate more artistic, sustainable and inclusive forms of coexistence.

gREen - Opening events and performances
Agnes Meyer-Brandis (DE), Thomas Feuerstein (AT), Adam Brown (US), Jens Hauser (DE)

What is ‘green’? Are we ‘green’? And is it the vegetative world at all? With monumental biotechnical installations, olfactory portraits of trees and the chemical re-enactment of historical toxic pigments, this garden proposed by Muffathalle Munich, curated by Jens Hauser, fosters debates in climate politics in the field of tension between art, nature and science.