An inspiration, a performance
Elham Dehghani (IR)

The performance named "Inspiration" by Elham Dehghani is an experience revealing the relationships between human and environment, which can be regarded as a discovery.

Journey - Tour de Force
Deutsches Hygiene-Museum

The Journey of "Tour de Force" gives an impression of the Garden Dresden and its topics.

experiments in free-drumming I
Sal Moreno

experiments in free-drumming I is a performance of improvisational drumming motivated by digital sounds and visuals which are generated in real-time via a motion-capture suit. The performance engages the body as a sonic mediator between the physical and virtual spaces. The performer engages digital sound through hand motions and gestures, amplifying and softening frequencies while experimenting with various rhythmic sequences.

Neo-Human Scale
HjkEg Collective: Heeju Kim(KR), Eugene Godunov(MD)

'Neo-Human Scale' involved research into various topics such as proxemics, the scale of human history, microbial community distribution, the concept of distance in biology, and cosmology. It incorporates images of the natural environment including images of microbial communities, drones, human social distance, and the distance in space and the galaxy.

Expansion of a Critical Mind 
Bryan J. Romero García  (CU)

The artist sets out his projects like Narcissus contemplating his reflection. Through the use of digital tools, the artist has created, analyzed, questioned, and rehearsed a universe that reveals his ethical and existentialist concerns.

Garden PR and Garden Buenos Aires Program
Joaquín Fargas (AR), Giselle Aviles (PR), Carola Cintrón (PR)

This program opens with a welcome from our host institution, the UAGM Museum. Soon after, Joaquín Fargas’ performance will take place, effectively connecting Garden Buenos Aires with Garden Puerto Rico. The performance will attempt to showcase the Earth’s lifeforce as it relates to our human body, where information is dispersed in every cell, while also being interconnected as a whole – a sort of crypto body.

Mira Loew (AT/ UK), David Altweger (AT/ UK), Philipp J. Ehmann (AT)

The workshop “Postit-ing Dornbirn_Disrupting Invisible Barriers,” which will be facilitated by the game designer Philipp J. Ehmann (play:vienna) aims at developing methods of playfully transgressing the boundaries between public and private, visible and invisible, presence and absence. Parallelly, an interactive and continuously growing installation “Body Hi/story(ies)” by Salon Flux explores the imaginaries of places, psychogeographies of spaces, and spatial transformations through body movement.

Dilan group
Boshra Khademlou, Vahideh Moghari, Saba Shirazi, Neda Ravaei, Nasim Sabet, Ghadam Rosa, Ghasem Zadeh, Rozhin Ebrahimi

Performance of Sama, an Iranian dance based on ritual movement and mystic resonance between a person and God. it also resembles a symbolic relationship between Earth and sky.

Breathe to flow
Anna Nacher

The way we, as humans, participate in the vibrational fields and flows of energy of the Planet Earth is embodied practice, even if the process often remains somewhat mysterious, unnoticed or unacknowledged. This workshop will explore how a human vocalization, which is nothing else than amplified and conscious breathing, can become a practice of inquiry into the planetary water cycle.

OnlyBans: A Playthrough and Discussion on the Policing of Bodies
Science Gallery at Michigan State University (US) featuring work by Lena Chen (US/CN), Maggie Oates (US), Goofy Toof (US)

Created by sex workers and allies, OnlyBans is an interactive game that critically examines the policing of marginalized bodies and sexual labor to empathetically teach people about digital surveillance and discrimination faced by sex workers.