Stefan Tiefengraber (AT)

The sound artist Stefan Tiefengraber is presenting his latest sound-performance project DOWM. Three walkmans, three effect pedals, two mixers, a mini-synthesizer, microphones and several feedback loops create a noise-scape that ends in silence and emptiness.

Ars Electronica Garden Barcelona – ESPRONCEDA EXPO
Solimán López (ES), Mohsen Hazrati (IR), Mila Moleman (NL), Sammie de Vries (NL), Zalán Szakács (NL), Lucía Redondo Rubio (ES), Mathieu Preux (FR), Clea T. Waite (US), Jared Christopher Kelley (US), Max Orozco (US), Anirudhan Iyengar (AT), Dominic Schwab (DE), Helvijs Savickis (LV), Julia Obleitner (AT), Nuño de la Serna Vicente (ES/DE)

ESPRONCEDA - Institute of Art & Culture, following its mission of international cooperation and creation of innovation synergies, participates for the second consecutive year in Ars Electronica Gardens, with an exhibition proposal that is based on two concepts, first in the challenge of the Festival: exploring new formats accessible and interactive digital platforms that create inclusive participation in an entertaining and attractive way, and second in the vision of New European Bauhaus, an initiative of which Espronceda is an official partner and that wants to generate more artistic, sustainable and inclusive forms of coexistence.

Phygital Next
Innovation & Collaboration between Koc University, UPC and UCA

Promoting innovation and creative thinking processes among the young generations is a key mission of ESPRONCEDA Institute of Art & Culture. This year, in the context of IMMENSIVA, we started to create a collaboration with students of very prestigious creative/ tech universities: CITM-UPC, in Barcelona and Karma Lab/Koc University in Istanbul, under the mentorship of UCA.

Remix, Food Waste Biomaterial Makers
FabLab (ES)

The Starts Prize-nominated project for innovative collaboration is inviting you to a four hour-long biomaterials workshop at Fab Lab Barcelona. An emerging development in the field of industrial design, fashion and art is the creation of biobased materials, biofabricated in laboratories from microorganisms, bacteria and biopolymers.

Exploring Performance + XR
Gilles Jobin (CH), Corinne Linder (FR), Cenk Güzelis (AT)

Panel discussion, best practices. Gilles Jobin, Corinne Linder, Cenk Güzelis, moderated by Alejandro Martín. Performance arts and extended/virtual reality intersect in three awesome projects: Virtual Crossing, The Circus Girl and Virtual Awareness. The panel discussion/virtual show will allow the Ars Electronica Festival audience to find new ways to approach performance and virtual experiences.

IMMENSIVA Residence Projects
Lucía Redondo Rubio, Mathieu Preux, Mila Moleman, Sammie de Vries, Zalán Szakács, Clea T. Waite, Jared Christopher Kelley, Max Orozco, Anirudhan Iyengar, Dominic Schwab, Helvijs Savickis, Julia Obleitner, Nuño de la Serna Vicente, Mohsen Hazrati

In May and June of 2021, ESPRONCEDA, Institute of Art & Culture, organized a new edition of the international residences IMMENSIVA. This year we collaborated with institutions in 12 cities worldwide to produce a program of pre-residences and a final residence in Barcelona.

OLEA. Digital-bio codifications
Soliman López (ES)

The OLEA project proposes a space for reflection and the rapprochement of species, concepts, economies, societies and information flows converging in a single fluid: olive oil. Historically related to deities, abundance, health, softness and liquid gold, olive oil is the perfect place to embrace other natures.

Ars Electronica Garden Barcelona Public/Dialogues Program
Estampa (ES), Andy Gracie (UK/ES), Óscar Martín a.k.a noish (ES), Esther Rodríguez-Barbero (ES), Anaisa Franco (BR), Antoni Abad (ES), Stefan Tiefengraber (AT)

Through a series of dialogues between artists, scientists, technologists, thinkers and activists in the space of the Canòdrom, we want to share experiences and reflections on the themes, processes and methodologies used in the framework of the artistic research-production residency program developed jointly with Hac Te, Barcelona's art, science and technology hub, and some of its partners, such as the Barcelona Supercomputing Center, the Institute of Photonic Sciences or the centers attached to the Barcelona Institute of Science and Technology.

Ars Electronica Garden Barcelona Exhibition Program
Estampa (ES), Andy Gracie (UK/ES), Óscar Martín a.k.a noish (ES), Esther Rodríguez-Barbero (ES), Anaisa Franco (BR), Stefan Tiefengraber (AT), Antoni Abad (ES)

This exhibition program is articulated around a long-term sedimentation process that emerges from the transdisciplinary collaboration between different institutions (art production centers, the university, scientific and technological centers, citizen lab center), that has led to the awarding of six scholarships for artistic research-production through an open call and a collective selection process.