Xtal Castle
Katya Pravda (RU), Anna Novikova (RU), Yulia Yousma (RU), Alexey Ryumin (RU)

Katya Pravda’s art is viewer-oriented, it’s democratic. The parts this art is made of are a pleasure in themselves — flower petals, branches, stones, vegetables, mushrooms. But then vigorous intraframe editing jumps in the form of fake eyelash glue. The familiar is fading, giving way to the unknown.

Curation: Andreas Ingerl (DE) & Moritz Schell (DE). Participating Students: Maria Bürger (DE), Elena Kunau (RU), Hoang Quynh Nguyen (DE), Felix Sewing (DE) & Mariya Yordanova (BG) et al.

The exhibition ARTIFICIAL REALITY – VIRTUAL INTELLIGENCE showcases student projects that deal with these questions: By means of a Brain Computer Interface, the emotional state of the participant influences the perception of the virtual world.

Immersive Tour
Ami Wu (TW), Chi-Yen Chiang (TW), Ghung-I Hung (TW), Hsiao-Yue Tsao (TW), Hsin-Chien Huang (TW), Nina Barbier (FR), Shih-Chou Wen (TW), WenChieh Chang (TW)

VR comes with a memorable immersive experience, making it possible to temporarily transcend the limitations of time and space, letting audiences experience freedom of movement and their desire to explore the world. Therefore, in “Immersive Tour,” as the first part of the “Formosa Grand Tour,” viewers can wander among the mountains, oceans, and rivers in the digital world, even outer space!

Singleton Living Laneways
FASTLab, University of Newcastle (AU), Singleton Council (AU), Art Thinking Australia (AU), Ars Electronica (AT)

Singleton Living Laneways is a collaboration between University of Newcastle and Singleton Council that sees media art activating a small regional town in Australia. The works are a catalyst for community collaboration and participation in an inclusive conversation about the future.

The Garden of Uncertainty
Universidad Autónoma Metropolitana MX

The Universidad Autónoma Metropolitana opened a call for its community to contribute to the Garden. The resulting online exhibition encompasses the selected works, which present a variety of ideas that reflect the concerns of the Mexican community.

Online tour of the exhibition
Hugo Solís García (MX)

Hugo Solís, director of the Department of Arts and Humanities of the Universidad Autónoma Metropolitana Unidad Lerma, will give an online live tour of the garden. He will be showing the works and explaining the concepts behind each one.

Unburn It
M Wingren (FI/US), Carl Victor Wingren (FI), Arto Chydenius (FI)

The interactive composition “Unburn It” approaches a digital new deal from the perspective of music. It begins by examining how music is played online; often echoing pre-digital constraints, such as linear recordings that are the same with each playback.

Der Aufgang | The Uprising

Talk/Panel Discussion - The exhibition at the Lehar theatre in Bad Ischl is a Quasi-experimental pretest-posttest design intervention.

Anirudhan Iyengar (IN), Michael Wagner (CH), Clemens Plank (AT)

Mozilla Hub of the Bad Ischl Garden - The Lehar Theater in Bad Ischl has changed and redefined its identity several times over the years. Beginning as a traditional stage theater, it was later upgraded and converted to a movie theater or cinema.

Theatre Exhibition
Daniel Kreuzsaler (AT), Bernd Baumgartner (AT), Linus Birkendahl (DE), Valentin Goham (DE), Steven Mark Kübler (DE), Matthias Holzmann (IT), Sara Schlierenzauer (AT), Cornel Entfellner (AT), Daniela Kasperer (AT), Gerlinde Radler (AT), Lara Schnepf (AT), Lea Wiednig (AT), Paulina Krasser (AT), Stefan Berger (AT), Stefanie Amberger (AT), Thomas Gschoßmann (AT), Zoe Vitzthum (AT)

The Lehar Theatre In Bad Ischl hosts a physical exhibition showcasing works of students from the master’s semester studio (University of Innsbruck) & the artist in residence at AUF! AUF! Residency. The exhibition comprises of Virtual Reality experiences, interactive projection mapping projects, a silent disco & interactive sculptures.