Journey - Molten Airs
Institutio Media (LT), Alt lab in collaboration with Lithuanian Interdisciplinary Artists' Association (LT)

The Journey “Molten Airs” gives the online visitors an impression of the garden Vilnius. In its three-part speculative workshop series, each created by a different artist, garden Vilnius speculates on the human relationship to plants, food, and energy. By using methods borrowed from the sciences, the series delves into unknown interactions between small and large, real and fictional, alive and not alive, us and them. The audience is invited to contribute to the workshops with their stories, images and sounds.

You and I, You and Me
Mindaugas Gapsevicius (LT/DE)

Imagine the future. Humans, computing machines, and various types of hybrids share the space they live in. Senses are altered, some are inextricably linked to computing devices. Electricity is used to control the space and the beings living in it.

Plant trafficking workshop
Brigita Kasperaitė (LT/DE)

The workshop "Plant trafficking" re-thinks the monetary value of nature and its place in our daily lives. The journey that plants take until they settle in one's home makes us see them as trophies.

Sourdough DNA
Kamilė Krasauskaitė (LT)

The workshop questions food consumption and origins. Major topics and interests in this workshop include commensality, experimental food design, patterns of time, as well as the collaboration between humans, microorganisms – how do these factors shape the food we eat?