On-site exhibition

GARDEN HONG KONG at Osage Gallery is a one-week finissage art show of Ars Electronica 2021 Garden Hong Kong. Introducing Artificial Intentionalities, the Garden statement reads “Ars Electronica Garden Hong Kong’s curatorial inquiry explores various paths to better understand the entanglements that surface in the tectonic interplay of divergent worlds, where robots challenge social models, artworks try to understand each other, and the faraway meets the nearby."

Liane Décary-Chen (CA) | Marina Díez Pereiro (ES/GB) | Moderator: Sara Lisa Vogl (DE/CA)

Initiated in 2020 by Sara Lisa Vogl, VR expert, artist and co-founder of Women in Immersive Tech Europe, and Goethe-Institut Montreal, these network meetings aim to highlight and virtually connect women and gender-marginalized people from Europe and North America working in the creative industries and around immersive technologies to create new international connections and foster potential cooperation.

Networking Party on VRChat
ARTNORI: Ark Park(KR), Junghoon BakShim(KR), Jun Ryu(KR), Minah Kim(KR), Jiyoung Hong(KR), Hyeri Lee(KR), Wonjeong Lee(KR), Sol Yoon(KR), Jeongwoo Park(KR), Woogyeong Lee(KR), Juyeong Park(KR), Jeongwook Goh(KR), Hongseok Lee(KR), Dongyoung Won(KR), Junghoon Han(KR), DarwinTech Corp.(KR), Yunjeong Kim (VRChat PD)

Due to the coronavirus, we lost our space to listen to music and dance. We want to recreate the joy of fantasy in a virtual space, play and dance with global people. Club culture has been centered on Western music and Western dance so far. ARTNORI will invite you to the 'Jang-gu in the Club', where anyone can dance excitingly with traditional Korean sound based on Samullori Instrumental Music.

Art in the Cloud | Panel Discussion II
Jeffrey Geiringer (US/HK), Joanna Hoffmann (PL), Tobias Klein (GR/HK), Cédric Maridet (FR/HK), Ellen Pau (HK), Yu-Chuan Tseng (TW), Ken Ueno (US), Alvaro Cassinelli (UY/HK)

The development of media art and the online art space are both tightly enmeshed with the technological innovations of their times. Art in the Cloud is curatorial research that explores how the sudden growth of online art spaces contributes to the transformation of the presentation of media artworks. Specifically, we question how inherent characteristics such as interactivity and immersion shift in online exhibitions. How does today's online space contribute to, or limit, artistic creativity? What are some of the unexpected challenges that artists have encountered? What are some of the new potentials that emerge from the technological impediments we come across?

Art in the Cloud | Panel Discussion I
Tuçe Erel (DE), Ryo Ikeshiro (JP/UK/HK), Vincent Ruijters (Nl/JP), Tsui Ka Hei, Haze (HK), Elaine Wong (HK), Viola Yip (HK/GR), Damien Charrieras (FR/HK)

EASEAS: Experiments in Art, Science and Ethology of the Art-Subject
Maurice Benayoun (HK/FR), Refik Anadol (US), Nicolás Mendoza (CO), Tobias Klein (HK/DE)

The birth of the art-subject and its proliferation in the art world exemplifies a clear departure from the traditional status of artworks as objects. It enables artists to explore divergent paths as the behaviour of artworks goes beyond biomimicry and the mirroring of human attitudes, making disjuncture a powerful means through which to interrogate different levels of social concern and human belief.

Galactic Wine Sharing Party

Pop by Hong Kong for a virtual drink with the Galactic media art community? 50% of what Festivals are about, is meeting friends and discovering new people, and this is what has been lost in the circumstances of the pandemic. But the technologically mediated routes, which we are forced to stick to, funnel us toward a more extensive intermixing of people who are usually distanced geographically, and culturally.

Yu-Chin Lin (TW), Yun-Zhen Zhong (TW), Yu-Tzu Wang (TW), Yu-Ting Tseng (TW) & Yong-Han Huang (TW)

ARrow is an Augmented Reality app that can be downloaded to your mobile phone. Not only can participants paint randomly in the virtual world, they can also connect with scenery and people in real life through the GPS and camera of their phone. We have eased the feeling of distance produced by the use of mobile devices in the fast-food generation. Participants, pick up your paintbrushes! Spread your sketches across the huge canvas no matter where you are. Spread it, bloom it! ARrow invites you to show your pictures in Hsinchu-Taipei garden.

Ars Electronica Futurelab Networking Session: Meet the Alchemists
Ars Electronica Futurelab (AT)

The Ars Electronica Futurelab is a think tank of artists, researchers, and experts from a wide variety of disciplines; a creative system that for 25 years has been creating the framework for overcoming the limits and possibilities of the present. For a common goal: technological progress in our society must be in the interest of humanity.

Forging connections
Art X Company (IN), Arts & Culture Resources India (IN)

This networking mixer is themed on the digital evolution of artistic work and performances, innovations since 2020, and collaboration possibilities in India.