In the mix: O-Wells
O-Wells (DE)

What ties O-Wells‘ career together is a certain emotionality that gently addresses the listener from the side. This approach to music-making is naturally continued in his style of djing: Incorporating his personal history of producing ambient, breakbeat and house to fast-paced Detroit-influenced techno under his second moniker Frankfurt Bass, Lennard Poschmann draws from this rich pool to create his own musical language.

Pheek/Iregui present “INVERSION”
Pheek (CA) & Daniel Iregui (CA)

In the age of Instagram, polished profiles and overly-sanitized cleanliness, INVERSION instead attempts to show the levels of spontaneity, uncertainty and questioning underlying musical creation. Daniel Iregui’s enormous black mirror, placed behind Pheek and fitted with a device allowing it to vibrate to sound, allows spectators to experience the artists’ various states of mind during an unpredictable yet intuitive journey, where everything will become crystal-clear to those with the patience to wait.

Warawar Kjaua - Chajnantor (extended)
Olaff Peña Pastene (CL/ES), Samuel Domínguez (CL/GB)

The audio track is a collabora1on between Olaff Peña Pastene and Samuel Domínguez, presented as an extended version of Olaff’s original song Warawar Kjaua, which uses the Tihuanaco’s civilisa1on cosmovision to interpret ALMA Observatory’s data. This is entangled with a fake field recording created using ar1ficial intelligence and slight musical interpreta1ons created by Domínguez.

In the mix: 11:68PM
11:68PM (DE)

As a music producer and co-owner of his newly founded label "What If It Works" Berlin based artist 11:68PM explores the multiple synthesises of audio and visual expressions. In his DJ-set for ARS Electronica's 24h Rave he steps up for a dedicated one hour journey through uptempo electronics and IDM - recorded in September 2021 at Brewery Studios in Berlin.

Stefan Tiefengraber (AT)

The sound artist Stefan Tiefengraber is presenting his latest sound-performance project DOWM. Three walkmans, three effect pedals, two mixers, a mini-synthesizer, microphones and several feedback loops create a noise-scape that ends in silence and emptiness.

Lost Interferences
Proiect 2 (RO), Rezidența BRD Scena9 (RO), UNATC IL Caragiale – CINETic Centre (RO)

We sometimes get desperate, we sometimes get lonely when we lose something. Through the participatory installation Lost Interferences we collect feelings on loss. Using a deep neural network algorithm, we share those feelings as sound information. In a collective action, Constantin Basica, from the location of the Center for Computer Research in Music and Acoustics Stanford (CCRMA), with Romeo Cornelius and Maia Morgenstern, and Irina Margareta Nistro, will perform telematically.

Desert Bloom presents “on the tendencies of trauma & resilience”
Desert Bloom (CA) & Austin Tufts (CA)

Long-form arrangement from composer Desert Bloom consisting of three movements, “on the tendencies of trauma and resilience” blends classical form and experimental electronic instrumentation alongside drummer Austin Tufts’ live drum improvisations. Conceptually, this piece delves into reactions to traumas experienced by women of color, the lack of a societal discourse on the subject and the concept of resilience, widely used as a scapegoat to avoid providing further support or to genuinely confront our own biases and toxic behaviors.

Festival University Stage Programm

Ab Donnerstag werden hier ausgewählte Künstler*innen des Festivals und andere kreative Köpfe zusammenkommen um sich auszutauschen und ihre jeweiligen Projekte und Ideen (noch einmal) vorzustellen.

Linzer Klangwolke 21
präsentiert von Sparkasse Oberösterreich & Linz AG

Die Linzer Klangwolke 21 präsentiert am Donaupark Unterwasserwelten und Klangerlebnisse unter dem Motto "PANTA RHEI".

Sound performance “Insects Orchestra: Underground”
Andrey Bundin (RU), Roman Smirnov (RU), Ksenia Bahtina (RU), Evgenii Khlopotov (RU), Anton Shchegolev (RU), Natalia Grishina (RU), Anastasia Birulia (RU)

A performance of a laptop orchestra is based on the research and artistic reflection of the underground world's sonic nature. Acoustic material of the work consists of sounds recorded using contact microphones attached to the ground, trees, rocks. In addition, performers use musical expression interface and sound synthesis engine, specifically developed for this performance. Every performer plays a specific part, and then all parts are combined into a complex spatial sound field.