Hakko Department (Fermentation Department)
Hiraku Ogura (JP)

Miso, soy sauce, sake, and koji are fermented foods that are indispensable to the Japanese diet. Hiraku Ogura is a fermentation designer who aims to make the microorganisms visible through design. In collaboration with brewers and researchers across Japan, he has developed a few projects on the theme of fermentation and microorganisms, including product development, production of picture books and animated films and workshops.

Synecoculture and Augmented Ecosystems
Masatoshi Funabashi (JP)

Synecoculture shifts food production, which accounts for most of the loss of biodiversity, from a small scale to an activity that builds up the entire ecosystem. Without the use of any plowing, fertilizers, agricultural chemicals, hundreds of species of useful plants are planted together in a dense mixture and grow by utilizing the self-organizing power of the ecosystem.

Ken Furudate (JP), Hosoo (JP)

Quasicrystal is an R&D project by Ken Furudate , an artist, engineer, and musician, and Hosoo, a long-established Kyoto Nishijin weaving company, focusing on the fundamental component of textiles, the weave structure.

Ryuta Aoki (JP)

METACITY is a research team that explores the form of a “possible city” through thought experiments and prototyping. Currently they are working on collaborative projects with an art collective creating alternative tea ceremony The TEA-ROOM, WIRED Japanese Edition, a volunteer engineering group Dream On, the 4D fabrication lab Hiroya Tanaka Laboratory, and the MIT Media Lab City Science Group, a laboratory specializing in city science.

Audio Game Center
DDD (Disability Driven Design) Project (JP)

Audio games are created from sound and played with sound, unlike video games where visual information is essential. The project explores the possibilities of experiences created by sound using various media and venues, such as holding game centers in real places, hosting “Prototyping Party”, a hackathon to develop new games with various creators, carrying out online distribution and podcasts.

Architectural Informatics Society
Architectural Informatics Society (JP)

As a platform where diverse and advanced theories, technologies and industries intersect, AIS will promote the dissemination and development of technologies and knowledge through the sharing and dissemination of information on the latest technologies, cross-industry and cross-disciplinary exchanges and human resource development, while looking at the evolution of the positioning of architecture itself as a more fundamental consciousness and broader concept, rather than the superficial application of informatics to the field of architecture.

Online Talk featuring evala
Speaker: evala (JP), Jiro Kubo (JP), Moderator: Asako Tomura (JP)

A sound artist evala explores sound design not only in a sense of composing music along the time axis, but in a spatial composition. In the talk we will also review his works from the past through his latest award-winning creations.

Online Talk featuring Ory Yoshifuji
Speaker: Ory Yoshifuji, Ory Laboratory Inc. (JP), Masato Nagahiro (JP), Moderator: Maholo Uchida (JP)

Ory Yoshifuji developed OriHime, an avatar robot, based on his own experience as a teenager to solve solitude as the theme of his life and developed a series of prototypes to meet the motivations of users. He will talk about solitude, bonds, and how the world can be changed in this talk session.

VR theater, “Prometheus Unbound” Ars Electronica 2021 Garden TOKYO ver.
Meiro Koizumi (JP)

The VR theater piece "Prometheus Bound," which premiered in 2019, created an experience that placed the audience between two extremes: virtual and real, euphoria and awakening, transcendence and limitation of the physical body. The online version of the new VR work, a sequel to the previous work, will be revised and exhibited as Ars Electronica 2021 Garden TOKYO ver.

Hybrid exhibition “Algaphon”
Harpreet Sareen (US/IN/JP), Franziska Mack (DE/US), Yasuaki Kakehi (JP), Yasuaki Kakehi Laboratory, The University of Tokyo (JP)

Algaphon is a hybrid installation where algae bubbles that ring at minnaert frequency near algal filaments are rendered audible through a hydrophone. Online visitors can leave a voice message that is translated into photosynthetically active radiation (PAR) variations in a remote aquarium.