Women in Media Arts - Female Directors
Manuela Hillmann (DE), Maaya Makino (JP)

Manuela Hillmann and Maaya Makino invite you to a tour about women in Media Arts in particular female directors in the framework of Garden Tokyo - The Power of the Unseen and Garden Barcelona Hybrid times.

Liane Décary-Chen (CA) | Marina Díez Pereiro (ES/GB) | Moderator: Sara Lisa Vogl (DE/CA)

Initiated in 2020 by Sara Lisa Vogl, VR expert, artist and co-founder of Women in Immersive Tech Europe, and Goethe-Institut Montreal, these network meetings aim to highlight and virtually connect women and gender-marginalized people from Europe and North America working in the creative industries and around immersive technologies to create new international connections and foster potential cooperation.

Impact Art AT, Artist Talk 
Patrícia J. Reis (AT), Shamsher Virk (US) 

Nehmen Sie online an einem Gespräch mit Patrícia J. Reis teil, einer in Wien lebenden Installationskünstlerin, die in ihrer Arbeit verschiedene Formate und Medien einsetzt, um unsere Beziehung zur modernen Technologie zu untersuchen. In einer fortlaufenden Untersuchung, die die Grenzen zwischen Wissenschaft, Technologie, Magie und spirituellem Glauben destabilisiert, geht sie den Fragen "Wie glauben wir an Maschinen?" und "Wie formt uns die Technologie körperlich?" nach.

Women in Arts

The Abuja ARS Garden is an evening of literary renditions and talks, participants are welcome to join us via zoom or YouTube and are welcome to drop their comments or participate live in the talk session where we'll be discussing Women in Media Arts. The Abuja ARS Garden 2021 is an evening of literary performances dedicated to Women in the Arts in Nigeria, particularly in the City of Abuja located in central Nigeria.

Ideh Abootalebi (IR)

A performance showing different expressions of a person in the modern era of Iran, living in and out of herself, trying to get to something like a definition of existence.


In this pivotal new work developed in collaboration with Science Gallery Dublin, ORLAN will join us virtually from Paris in a brand new performance through a connection between the artist and the artist’s replica: ORLANOÏDE, who will perform live from the stage in the Paccar Theatre at Science Gallery at Trinity College Dublin.

Art Dialogue: Novi Sad – Timisoara
Diana Marincu (RO), Sanja Kojić Mladenov (RS), Danica Bićanić (RS), Andrea Medar (RO), Liliana Mercioiu Popa (RO), Oana Paula Vainer (RO/DE), Dragan Vojvodić (RS), Anica Vučetić (RS)

Art dialogue: As two geographically and culturologically close cities and proclaimed European Capitals of Culture 2021, Novi Sad - Timisoara has been an integral part Danube Dialogues Festival continuously since 2016.

Exploring Performance + XR
Gilles Jobin (CH), Corinne Linder (FR), Cenk Güzelis (AT)

Panel discussion, best practices. Gilles Jobin, Corinne Linder, Cenk Güzelis, moderated by Alejandro Martín. Performance arts and extended/virtual reality intersect in three awesome projects: Virtual Crossing, The Circus Girl and Virtual Awareness. The panel discussion/virtual show will allow the Ars Electronica Festival audience to find new ways to approach performance and virtual experiences.

Curator: Mona Liem (ID), Utami Atasia Ishii (ID), Ady Setyawan (ID); Widi P. Pangestu (ID); Natlab collective (DE/FR/BE); MATER collective (ID); Diaspora collective (ID)

JOURNEY: 6 ARTWORKS on INFINITY, AN ADAPTATION MOVEMENT OF GARDEN INDONESIA ONLINE EXHIBITION: The six cutting-edge artworks will represent the Zeitgeist through Indonesian wisdom.

Follow the Current
Kristina Tica (RS/AT), Marija Šumarac (RS), Barbara Jazbec (SI/AT), Sara Koniarek (AT), Sanja Anđelković (RS), Jovana Pešić (RS), Andrea Palašti (RS), The Danube Transformation Agency for Agency (DTAFA)

Follow the Current is a panel discussion established among young artists and researchers from four cities connected by the the river Danube - Linz, Vienna, Novi Sad and Belgrade. The representatives will present five main projects: Interface Cult, Woodiana Oracle, Anatomy of a Fatberg, Aerosonar and Digital Prayer.