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Marina Freccia (DE), Thomas Schneider (AT), Felix Zabel (AT), Tore Minte (DE), Wolfgang Fiel (AT), NANK Co:llaboratory

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Linz, In Kepler's Gardens

decentralized value – ΚΔ CO฿IE arteQ

1HWork asks: what does fair social and technological knowledge transfer look like, and how can it be attractively linked to the value of work? Creative collaborative production needs a fair model of synchronisation, hierarchy and remuneration, and it should be cool. We give the production operating system an update, inscribe work with an immutable value and thus open diverse possibility spaces for value creation. The 1HWork Index ΚΔ is blockchain-based, feeds from numerous databases and aims to promote a fairer remuneration of work. With the CO฿IE in one’s wallet, one can then redeem rapid prototyping-machine hours, workshop time-expert hours and/or re-use components. The prototypes for this: arteQ as an art NFT community, and a new recruiting platform developed in the social design process that matches the strengths of workers with the needs of companies in the job search.

Marina Freccia (DE): Marina Freccia is a German Transmedia artist. She was born in 1994 in Lemgo, Germany. She has been working and living in Vienna since 2014. Thomas Schneider – code întuitif – is an artist exploring the social design of labour. Film/Video (ORF Kunststücke; Arte; ICA London; Soundframe Festival; Filmfest Rotterdam) Prix Ars Electronica; Digital Communities Award Social Design; WWTF Arts&Science Applied&FORBA New Factory – City Hype Departure: Demonstrator Factory – Vienna Biennale I and II; StadtFabrik – MAK


NANK Co:llaboratory – 1HWork – Thomas Schneider