Taiwan Grand Tour

Animated Tour

Chun-Chieh Lien (TW), Po-Han Lee (TW), Vick Wang (TW), Wu-Ching Chang (TW), Yu-Ting Hsueh (TW)

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We are what we imagine

Imagination is a superpower. When imaging ourselves in the world of animation, every one of us has become a superhero. In the Animated Tour, viewers can devote themselves to the characters via different programs, abstract or figurative in terms of visual style, to experience anxiety and frustration all the way to happiness and growth. Getting rid of this disappointing reality, viewers shall continue the “Taiwan Grand Tour” through their imagination. This program consists of four animations: “Go Go Giwas: Sowing Dream Seeds”(Directed by Vick Wang, Yi-Feng Kao), “My grandmother is an Egg”(Directed by Wu-Ching Chang),”Inside”(Directed by Yu-Ting Hsueh), and “The Wayward Kite”(Directed by Yu-Ting Hsueh). A time-limited experience and viewing of this program will be available, while giving viewers a chance to interact with the characters in the exhibitions via the AR interface.


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Chun-Chieh Lien (TW). CChun-Chieh Lien has over 27 years of experience in the motion-picture medium. He started developing original content in 2016. His animated short film ”The Weather is Lovely” was selected in more than 20 international film festivals including the 57th Golden Horse Awards, the 43rd Clermont-Ferrand Short Film Festival, 2020 Fantasia Film Festival, etc.

Po-Han Lee (TW): After graduating from NTUA, he worked on scriptwriting for ”Who’s Our SUB today?”, ”Cloud Maker”, and story-boarding for ”The Weather is Lovely”. His animated short film “The N station” was selected for the 2012 International Short Film Festival Berlin.

Vick Wang (TW): Vick Wang is an acclaimed animation director and CG artist, as well as co-founder and former CEO of SOFA Studio. His work includes 3D CGI animation shorts “NOBO,” which were selected by 2003 SIGGRAPH Art Gallery and the animated TV series “MuMuHug,” which has been recognized by more than 20 animation awards, including SICAF 2009 and Annecy 2010 for the official competition film. He also received two Golden Bell Awards as director and producer for the animated series “Flying Squirrel Tribe” and ”Go Go Giwas.”

Wu-Ching Chang (TW): Wu-Ching Chang is an award-winning animation director, concept artist and illustrator who was born in Taiwan. She creates animated films by exploring personal experience and female issues, and her animation works are often based on hand-made visual textures. Through visual art, she tells stories about life. Her animation short film ”Mother” won the quality award in K. T. Creativity Award and the best visual effects award in 4C Digital Content Awards.

Yu-Ting Hsueh (TW): Yu-Ting Hsueh is Taiwan’s award-winning faculty filmmaker with more than 50 film festival records, including 9 that were Oscar® qualifying. His animated short ”the Wayward Kite” won Best Animation at Beverly Hills Film Festival in 2018 and Best Experimental at World Animation Celebration in 2017; his animated short “Crash Testing” won Best Animation at the Taipei Film Awards in 2016.



Chun-Chieh Lien (TW), Po-Han Lee (TW), Vick Wang (TW), Wu-Ching Chang (TW), Yu-Ting Hsueh (TW)