Artificial Reality – Virtual Intelligence



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Additionally to the ongoing exhibition, the Garden Berlin is presenting an hybrid rave night, at Friday September 10th. Therefor people from all over the world are invited to join the RAVE SPACE, Berlins first virtual 3D club. DJs will perform live sets and visitors can join the rave either virtually via the web-platform or in person at the exhibition space in Berlin (Reinbeckhallen). Get in touch with friends and strangers from all over the world while enjoying electronic music and art.
The RAVE SPACE also has a virtual art gallery in which artistic representations of the real Garden Berlin exhibits are displayed.


21:00-22:00 Vertere Soundsystem
22:00-23:00 AlBird vs Dribla
23:00-00:00 Diskotetris
00:00-01:00 OXOPOHA
01:00-02:00 Nakadia

NAKADIA: Nakadia has carried her unstoppable energy since childhood while growing up in the poor Thai countryside of Isaan.Various jobs led to her first European trip in 2002, where she encountered techno. As she continues to develop her totally self-made career, Nakadia has pinned more than 70 countries to her gig list, with over 1,600 performances to date. Between rocking some of the world’s most respected festivals – Tomorrowland, Berlin’s Loveparade, Budapest’s Sziget, Amsterdam’s Dockyard and Australia’s top festival Rainbow Serpent – she magnetizes countless top clubs across the globe.

VERTERE SOUNDSYSTEM: The two minds behind Vertere Berlin.

ALBIRD VS DRIBLA: AlBird is a Berlin-based DJ and electronic music producer. Over the last couple of years he gained reputation with releases and remixes on labels like Plus8, Set About, Panterre Musique, Frequenza, Kuukou, Ballroom Records, BluFin, Gain Records, Stickrecordings and many more. His sound varies from deep melodic & progressive vibes to the thriving Techno end of the spectrum. “dribla” is the new alias by Albert Gruber aka AlBird. “dribla” is AlBird with a twist. Through the years Albert started to dig deeper into the world of dark, raw and hypnotic Techno and especially with his new-found fascination for hybrid live sets in his weekly streams on Twitch he created “dribla”. First releases are on the way so stay tuned for more to come.

DISKOTETRI: Berlin based Diskotetris is one of those rare artists that has an eclectic and diverse ability to draw you in with his floor roaming beats and incredible technical skillset. Known for his energetic performances and astonishing stage presence.

ISOSKELES: Isoskeles is a techno artist and DJ based in Berlin, with a characteristic sound of heartfelt kicks alongside dark and progressive melodies. His ambition is to take the listeners to an odyssey of psychedelic atmospheres, cosmic leads, and powerful drops, with his musical elements complementing and conflicting each other at the same time.

OXOPOHA: OXOPOHA is the techno project of 2 friends who discovered the Berlin techno scene together since their youth partying, DJing and throwing parties. They are united through their broad musical openness and tap into various styles of techno with their crowds, permanently exploring complex soundscapes with a groove.