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Architectural Informatics Society

Architectural Informatics Society (JP)

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The Architectural Informatics Society (AIS) was established in 2020 with the common starting point of reconstructing the concept of architecture as a consciousness in which human beings continue to create, construct and utilize artificial environments from an informatics perspective, based on the fundamental impact of the development and penetration of information technology in contemporary society. As a platform where diverse and advanced theories, technologies and industries intersect, AIS promotes the dissemination and development of technologies and knowledge through the sharing and dissemination of information on the latest innovations, cross-industry and cross-disciplinary exchanges and human resource development, while looking at the evolution of the positioning of architecture itself as a more fundamental consciousness and broader concept, rather than the superficial application of informatics to the field of architecture.

The AIS is a cross-disciplinary community for open discussion, information collection, analysis, accumulation and dissemination, and a human resource and development exchange, with the aim of updating concepts related to information, architecture, and urbanism, and to sharing and systematizing knowledge. Starting with an exchange of opinions by volunteer members in 2017, AIS was established in November 2020 after discussions with practitioners and researchers from various fields. The organization is comprised of architects, engineers, students, and members from various fields who are active at the forefront of academia and industry. The first publication, “Kenchiku-johougaku-e [Towards Architectural Informatics]” (supervised by AIS, millegraph) was released in 2020.