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Ars Semantica

Mariano Sardón (AR)

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“Translation is an effort in alterity, alterity of the body, breathing the music of another language in the strict particularity of a speaking voice.” Diana Bellessi.

In Mary Louise Pratt’s text “The Traffic in Meaning: Translation, Contagion, Infiltration”, she deals with several kind of migrations of terms between different contexts. Such a framework reminds us of the transpositions of terms between art, science and technology. In post-disciplinary times, all are entangled, and 42 years of Ars Electronica archive that case. This archive is an interconnected system of texts, full of translations invoking large textual corpuses, located in databases. Six people with different backgrounds, hailing from Buenos Aires, Madrid and Linz, with common intuitions and questions as artists, curators and data scientists constitute the Ars Semantica Garden. Through the uses of Deep Learning tools for the semantic analysis of texts, Ars Semantica looks for correlations and visualizations in the Ars Electronica archive by comparing them to artistic and techno-Scientific textual corpuses through time. The research deals with both the most probable transpositions among terms, as well as with the less frequent concept migrations known as “small data” events. Ars Semantica Garden exhibits audiovisual content relating inspirational and conceptual elements for data visualization. It seeks to engage people in the emergence of the non-evident and the unknown in the Ars Electronica archive.


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Project by: Christl Baur (Ars Electronica), Germán Ito (Untref), Veronika Liebl (Ars Electronica), Mariano Sardón (Untref), Mariano Sigman (Universidad Torcuato Di Tella), Marcos Trevisan (Universidad de Buenos Aires).
Acknowledgements: Patricio Martin Alanis, Mariano Ferreras, Andreas Pramboeck (Ars Electronica), Diego Schalom (Universidad Torcuato Di Tella)
Physics Department of the University of Buenos Aires