Art as Journalism: The Artist Vanguard

Karen Palmer (UK)

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Karen Palmer is the Storyteller from the Future and she has come back to enable you to survive what is to come through the power of storytelling, but she did not come back alone. Through this broadcast from the future she shares with us important tools for liberation devised by artists and storytellers. Amongst them Democratising Tech and AI through Open Source solutions. The concept of World building for World building and shows the impact of her emotionally responsive film experiences, Riot, Perception iO and her new project in development Consensus Gentium which enables participants to become conscious of their subconscious behaviour and move through fear.

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Karen Palmer (UK) is the Storyteller from the Future. An Award Winning International Artist and TED Speaker. Her immersive film experiences combine A.I. Immersive Storytelling, Behavioural Psychology and Parkour. Articles include Wired, Forbes, CBS TV, Fast Company , Engadget, NBC, The Guardian described her work as“ It leapfrogs over VR”. Exhibitions include V&A in London, the PHI Centre Montreal, The Future of Storytelling NYC, SXSW Austin, The Museum of Modern Art Peru.. 2020 her immersive experience Perception iO received Honorary Mention for the STARTS Prize. 2017 Her RIOT AI prototype was honoured as part of the Digital Dozen Break Throughs in Storytelling.