Ars Electronica Garden London / Zurich

Ars Electronica .ART Gallery

.ART (UK), VR-All-Art (CH)

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For Ars Electronica 2021, .ART takes the opportunity to pull in and inspect the vast and seemingly unmovable architectures behind the landscapes that surround us. By partnering with a virtual exhibition platform and the art marketplace VR-All-Art, the vision is taken a step further, into virtual and augmented spaces. The virtual garden, made of concrete, builds upon the overarching theme of A New Digital Deal. It exposes the monoliths and floes firmly fixing our gaze, lest we forget that slabs of concrete always start off as liquid and malleable, before cementing into the structures that shape our world. The garden features selected partners, including Boston Arlekin Players Theatre’s new interactive experience, directed by Igor Golyak and featuring by Mikhail Baryshnikov ( and .ART artist in residency Medina Kasimova. Through an open call, invites over a hundred artists to join the space for playful reflections on the creation of virtual environments. The garden also presents a series of talks about performance and the blockchain in art and gaming. The key concept of the exhibition is the ‘human scale’. How do we inspect our digital landscapes when we are so immersed in them, taking them for granted, passing thoughtlessly through them on our daily commutes? Key themes include architecture, malleability and responsibility. 


.ART (UK), VR-All-Art (CH)