Andrés Felipe Gaviria (CO), Gabrielle Couillard (CA), Kasey Pocius (CA), Mario H Valencia (CO), Oscar Ceballos (CO), Leah Barclay (AU), Ricardo Dal Farra (AR/CA), Rob La Frenais (UK/FR), Felipe Londoño (CO), Roger Malina (US), Pablo Suarez (AR/US)

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S.O.S. Performance Directly affected by the current climate of disruption, both locally in Colombia and internationally, this year collaboration was a co-creation around the sounds and structure of an S.O.S, using a fractal form. Composed and recorded together using Sonobus, S.O.S was created upon the sounds, images and experiences of the current Colombian political crisis. BALANCE-UNBALANCE The global climate is changing, and vulnerable communities around the world are suffering the consequences. Traditional disaster management approaches are not enough to deal with rising risks, and new forms of collaboration are needed to inspire people and organizations to link knowledge with action. It has become clear that information is rarely sufficient to trigger behaviour change. To face the environmental emergency, we need transdisciplinary methods that involve the brainpower and the emotions of participants. “Balance-Unbalance: The Future started Now” is the second encounter in a series of roundtables gathering scientists, artists, architects and curators to help us think about what we should do today to change course and to have a possible future, considering the serious risks we face given the growing environmental crisis. Words leading to specific and relevant ecological actions. In times of environmental emergency, planetary thinking proposing new models helping us to design strategies for supporting life in all its forms.


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Andrés Felipe Gaviria (CO): Andrés Felipe Gaviria is a social communicator and journalist from Universidad del Valle. Producer of electronic, ambient and experimental music, with special interest in live performance.

Gabrielle Couillard (CA): After pursuing a bachelor’s degree in theater studies at UQAM, Gabrielle Couillard explored a wide variety of live performances, both in terms of production and sound, with a special interest in the conception of rich soundscapes that evoke precious memories of places and feelings.

Kasey Pocius (CA): Originally from St. John’s, Kasey Pocius is a gender fluid intermedia artist located in Montreal who grew up experimenting with multimedia software while also pursuing classical training in both viola and piano. They hold a BFA from Concordia in Electroacoustic Studies and are currently pursuing an MFA in Music Technology at McGill.

Mario H Valencia (CO): Mario H Valencia has a Dr. in Design, Master in Design and Interactive Creation from the University of Caldas, computer science from the Autonomous University of Manizales and Specialist in University Teaching at the University of Caldas. He worked as a support engineer and researcher at the Jackeline Nova electroacoustic music laboratory, as a teacher he has taught engineering, multimedia, acoustics and design at different universities in Colombia.

Oscar “Tata” Ceballos (CO): Oscar “Tata” Ceballos graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in music from the Universidad de Caldas (2007), and graduated with a master’s degree in design and interactive creation from the Universidad de Caldas. Composer of music for audiovisual and stage with 15 years of experience in theater, music for documentaries, short films and telematic music.

Panel Leah Barclay (AU): Panel Leah Barclay is an Australian sound artist, designer and researcher. Her work has been exhibited internationally by the Smithsonian Museum, UNESCO, and Al Gore’s Climate Reality. Leah’s installations have been presented across the world from Times Square to the Eiffel Tower. She is currently a lecturer in design at USC Sunshine Coast, Australia.

Ricardo Dal Farra (AR/CA): Ricardo Dal Farra is a professor of music and media arts at Concordia University, Canada. He is founder of the symposia Balance-Unbalance (BunB) on art-science and environmental crisis. Ricardo has been director of Hexagram, Canada and researcher of UNESCO, France. He is a board member of ISEA International. Composer/artist working in transdisciplinary actions with science and emergent technologies.

Rob La Frenais (UK/FR): Rob La Frenais is a contemporary art curator for 30 years. He has recently curated exhibitions in the US, Scotland, France, Liverpool, UK, India, and Taiwan. Rob is is a board member of ISEA International. From 1997-2014, he was the curator of The Arts Catalyst. Rob initiated The Future of Transportation project in Bangalore.

Felipe Londoño (CO): Dean of the Faculty of Arts and Design at Universidad Jorge Tadeo Lozano, and director of the International Image Festival, held in Colombia since 1997. Former President of the University of Caldas (2014-2018). Electronic arts curator; researcher in the fields of design, and art and science, and creative industries.

Roger Malina (US): Roger Malina is a physicist, astronomer and Executive Editor of the Leonardo publications at MIT Press. Professor of Arts and Technology and Professor of Physics at UT Dallas. He is the former Director of the Observatoire Astronomique de Marseille Provence (OAMP). Malina was the principal investigator for the NASA Extreme Ultraviolet Explorer Satellite at the UC Berkeley.

Pablo Suarez (AR/US): Pablo Suarez is associate director for research and innovation at the Red Cross Red Crescent Climate Centre, visiting fellow at Boston University and artist in residence at the National University of Singapore. Pablo has consulted for the United Nations, the World Bank, and about 20 other humanitarian and development organizations, working in more than 60 countries.