Science Gallery Dublin (IE) featuring work by Mushon Zer-Aviv (IL), Libby Heaney (GB), Johann Diedrick (US), and Noah Levenson (US)

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Online Exhibition open throughout the Festival

BIAS is an interactive online exhibition by Science Gallery Dublin featuring work by leading international artists like Mushon Zer-Aviv, Libby Heaney and Johann Diedrick. Explore AI, ethics, trust and justice by spending some time navigating and interacting with a brand-new exhibition platform designed exclusively by Science Gallery Dublin for online use.

Bias Online Exhibition

Mushon Zer-Aviv: Mushon Zer-Aviv is a designer, researcher, educator and media activist. His love/hate relationship with data informs his design work, art pieces, activism, research, teaching, workshops & city life. He is the Co-founder of – a foxy design studio; – a tour of Gaza through the streets of Tel Aviv; the AdNauseam extension – clicking ads so you don’t have to, and multiple government transparency and civic participation initiatives with the Public Knowledge Workshop.

Libby Heaney: Libby Heaney’s post-disciplinary art practice includes moving image works, performances and participatory & interactive experiences that span quantum computing, virtual reality, AI and installation. Heaney’s practice uses humor, surrealism and nonsense to subvert the capitalist appropriation of technology, the endless categorizations and control of humans and non-humans alike.

Johann Diedrick: Johann Diedrick makes installations, performances, software, sculptures, and workshops for encountering the world through your ears. Diedrick is a lead backend engineer at Somewhere Good, a 2021 Mozilla Creative Media award recipient, and an adjunct professor at NYU’s ITP program.