Theme Exhibition

Codex Virtualis

Interspecifics (INT)

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Linz, In Kepler's Gardens

Codex Virtualis is an artistic research framework oriented towards the generation of an evolving taxonomic collection of hybrid bacterial-AI organisms. With a subtle echo of endosymbiotic theory, we propose a symbolic formulation of a style transfer machine learning environment as a host in which to merge bacterial/archaea time-lapse microscopy footage along with multidimensional cellular automata computational models as endosymbionts, all under the orchestration of an autonomous generative non-adversarial network architecture. Our aim is to encounter novel algorithmically driven aesthetic representations tagged with a unique morphotype and genotype-like encoding, and that are articulated around a speculative narrative encompassing unconventional origins of life on earth and elsewhere.

Interspecifics: Independent artistic research bureau founded in Mexico City in 2013. We’ve focused our research on the use of sound and A.I. to explore patterns emerging from biosignals and the morphology of different living organisms as a potential form of non-human communication, developing a collection of experimental research tools we call Ontological Machines. Our current lines of research are shifting towards exploring the hard problem of consciousness and the close relationship between mind and matter, where magic appears to be fundamental. Sound remains our interface to the universe.


This project is presented in the framework of the European ARTificial Intelligence Lab, which is co-funded by the Creative Europe programme of the European Union and the Austrian Federal Ministry for Arts, Culture, Civil Service and Sport.