Theme Exhibition Live Guided Tour I: Dataspheres Observed

Martin Honzik, Christl Baur

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BARCOTEC TOUR – live on zoom

Martin Honzik, Chief Curatorial Officer Ars Electronica
Karla Spiluttini, Producer European Projects & Theme Exhibition


  • Museum of Edible Earth – masharu (RU/NL)
  • Ejercicios de aridez | Aridity Exercises – Celeste Rojas Mugica (CL/AR)
  • How to make an Ocean – Kasia Molga (UK/PL)
  • Moon Rabbit – Sarah Petkus (US) and Mark Koch (US))
  • Oceans of Transformation – Territorial Agency (INT)

How can technology aid us in noticing more about ourselves and our surroundings? After all, we only use a small portion of our brain, and digital tools can reveal new perspectives, broadening our imaginations to make connections we otherwise might not have seen.