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Jakob Loidl, Ines Pfeffer, Fabian Derfler, Maximilian Strobl, Raphael Weinmesser, Sandra Kerschner, Michael Gastecker, Elisa Holzer, Amelie Guger, Jana Gastecker, Endrit Rexhepi

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Linz, In Kepler's Gardens

The film “deeper” shows different opinions from the point of view of young people about the current situation in Austria. Both political decisions and corona measures are presented critically and sometimes exaggerated. In the short film one accompanies a student in his everyday life at home and at school. To illustrate the contrast between the present and the time before the pandemic, flashbacks to moments in the past are incorporated into the film. The film creatively demonstrates the student’s reactions to problems he encounters in everyday life.


The film is a commissioned project of the symposium “Perspectives on Political Education” and will be shown on Wednesday, Sept. 8 as part of the symposium.

IT-HTL Ybbs (Equipment, Workshop, support)
Jakob Loidl (Paul Gamma, graphics)
Ines Pfeffer (friend 1)
Fabian Derfler (friend 2)
Maximilian Strobl (teacher 1)
Raphael Weinmesser (teacher 2)
Sandra Kerschner (mother)
Michael Gastecker (father)
Elisa Holzer (Hanna)
Amelie Guger (cut, camera)
Jana Gastecker (video editing, camera)
Endrit Rexhepi (camera, sounds)