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Linz, JKU Learning Center

Eine interaktive Ausstellung des LIT Robopsychology Labs

AI is playing an increasingly important role in our everyday lives. The current hype surrounding Artificial Intelligence, however, also comes with many myths and misconceptions. Some of them fuel diffuse fears, others raise false expectations. In order to be able to conduct an informed and constructive discourse on the future of human-machine relationships, we need to demystify AI, promote broad AI literacy and develop understandable machines.

Against this background, the LIT Robopsychology Lab (Johannes Kepler University Linz) presents an interactive exhibition at the Ars Electronica Festival 2021. Several installations and research-based games address topics such as public (mis?)representations of AI, human autonomy in AI-assisted decision-making, and explainability of self-learning systems.

Faces of AI makes media images related to the keyword “Artificial Intelligence” magically appear and shows how they were evaluated by students at JKU Linz.

In Serum 13 – A VR Trust Game, puzzles have to be solved in a virtual medical laboratory. A voice assistant is available as a game partner.

In the AI Forest, you can go on a digital-analog mushroom hunt. How well does our mushroom identification app explain how it arrives at its decisions?


Demystify AI Exhibition:
Idea & Project Lead: Martina Mara, Nives Meloni
Graphic Design: Laurenz Hintermayer