Education Inspiration Session II – a create your world TOUR

Michaela Schober (AT), L. Vanessa Gruber (AT)

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Climate Change in Stop Motion: Tell your Story!

In this Inspiration Session for teachers and educators, you can take part in the online workshop created by Michaela Schober and L. Vanessa Gruber that is currently delivered to school classrooms through the create your world TOUR. Their workshop Climate Change in Stop Motion: Tell your Story! weaves together storytelling techniques with questions that will be crucial to the younger generation’s future. Why does social media encourage people to tell their own stories? What is storytelling and how does it work? How can you make your voice heard? And: How is this related to climate protection?

The workshop encourages people to look at their own interests from the perspective of climate protection and to develop stories from this. Guided by a team of experts, students work on the basics of storytelling against the backdrop of media literacy and turn their stories about climate protection into humorous, dramatically exciting, factually informative or artistic-visual short films. From cartoons and clay animation, to TikTok-style dance and music videos, to great cinema: anything goes!

Be it the adventurous odyssey of Indiana Playstation and the search for rare earths or the soft drink can Cinderella, who tells of her big dream to be upcycled one day: The crazier, the funnier, the more surprising – the more convincing the better!

Michaela Schober (AT): Michaela Schober studied English, Spanish and Chinese in Vienna, China, Spain and the UK and is currently writing her dissertation in the field of cultural and media studies on narrative structures, gender and intersectionality. She edits, writes, and translates, teaches foreign languages, consults for textbook publishers, and is a frequent speaker for them. She is an avid amateur musician, enjoys baking (very) large cakes, and loves comics, special effects makeup, and calligraphy.
L. Vanessa Gruber (AT): L. Vanessa Gruber is an art educator and researcher at the University of Applied Arts Vienna and is currently working on projects that deal with societal challenges such as aging, dementia or climate change, making them understandable and tangible for young people. She is also doing a PhD in the field of creativity promotion at (high) schools. In her free time, she enthusiastically pursues various sports such as yoga and cycling and is a passionate cook, naturally with an eye on climate friendliness.


create your world TOUR is part of the OSHub project that has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 Framework Programme for Research and Innovation under grant agreement No. 824581