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Everyday’s the same

Lana (RU), Fyodor Balashov (RU)

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Browser game

This game simulates world perception of a person with attention deficit disorder. ADD is a pretty common neurological and behavioral disorder. According to various sources, it is present with 1-30% of people, both children and adults. The person diagnosed with ADD has a hard time maintaining focus, controlling emotions, and organizing personal space. They are prone to mood swings, drops in productivity, hyperfixation or a complete loss of interest. The manifestations of ADD are very often ostracized and devalued, they are perceived as laziness, responsibility or obtrusiveness. Sometimes even friends and loved ones refuse to understand and accept people with this condition. The “same crap every day” game is designed as a words processor, but its supposedly user-friendly interface turns into an enemy. This interface has very little respect for the player and completing an easy task will require a lot of effort. The built-in T9 tool hinders the player from typing and reproduces irrelevant annoying images. Trying to get rid of them will only make things worse: the more you are fighting, the more the program is resisting. These difficulties distract, pull focus off the goal, and, as a result, they make the successful competition of the game impossible. This simulation demonstrates the phenomenon of ADD, helps live through this experience, and raises the visibility of people with ADD. The game helps — at least partially realize how complicated life with ADD is. The artist hopes that such an experience, although a simulated one, will allow people to understand ADD and accept people who have it.

Lana (RU): artist, illustrator, comic book author, BA student (Comics, HSE University)


Lana (RU), Fyodor Balashov (RU), HSE University