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LOOPS OF WISDOM Exhibition, Kunstuniversität Linz

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Linz, Urfahranermarkt

FLUT Freiluft-Kunstuniversität Linz

FLUT is a 1:1 project at the Urfahranermarkt Linz, a largely fallow area next to the Danube that is only briefly used twice a year for a fair. After a year of digital teaching, students went to the market area and developed parts of it according to their wishes. The area became a free zone, an experimental field for new architectures, a laboratory for artistic productions, a testing ground for new urban practices and a better usability of the city. As the pandemic has shown, the city needs open, freely accessible and consumption-free spaces and infrastructures.

The aim of FLUT was to strengthen the role of future architects by fomenting their sense of agency. Like a flood that briefly comes over a site, fallow urban space was briefly activated and intensively used. As FLUT demonstrated, space, thus also public space, can be changed even beyond conventional planning and development models. While FLUT was only temporarily tolerated, some of its projects were re-installed in the courtyards of the University of Art and Design Linz. STAGE creates an open platform that invites people to use the space performatively or to simplychill out. URBAN LIVING ROOM consists of a series of living room-like spaces with fragile wall elements, curtains and furnishings. It quotes the private sphere, but translates it into a new, urban form. CATWALK is a linear structure, offering different heights to be used as bench, table, viewing platform or bicycle parkour.


GREEN MACHINE is a delicate steel construction that invites the visitors to enjoy a refreshing experience in under a plant ceiling.

Project management FLUT: Sara Hammer, Frank Schwenk und Sabine Pollak
Artists URBAN LIVING ROOM: Nadia Raza (AT), Magda Kremsreiter (DE), Johannes Gasteiner (AT), Architecture students at the University of Art and Design Linz
Artists STAGE: Lea Dagonneau (FR), Katharina Mertens (DE), Amaia Urkiola (ES), Erasmus students at University of Art and Design Linz
Artists CATWALK: Friedrich Aichhorn (DE), Pauline Gleichner (DE), Ayoub Msijeh (FR)