24h Rave


Roberto Pugliese (IT), Daniel Bacalov (IT), Gilda Buttà (IT), Costanza Savarese (IT) , Alberto Popolla (IT), Gianfranco Tedeschi (IT), Alessandra Cristiani (IT), Eleonora Chiocchini (IT)

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Hipogeios is an electro-acoustic project where elements from different artistic backgrounds perfectly melt together, creating a multifaceted dialogue and a klangfarben counterpoint.

Pugliese’s live electronics melt with Bacalov’s percussions and Savarese’s extended vocals performance. Popolla’s, Tedeschi’s and Buttà’s improvisations together with Cristiani’s and Chioccolini’s physical performances enrich both visually and acoustically the whole soundscape. Pugliese “sculpts” every sound in reply to (and in real time with) the other artists’ performances.

This multidisciplinary concert-performance aims to continuously make all its elements dialogue among each others and perform according to common dynamics in order  to  plunge the audience into a fluid and dense total work of art.