Keynote Conversations

Kate Crawford (AU), Amy Whitaker (US), Joe Davis (US), Francesca Bria (IT), Gerfried Stocker (AT), Alexander Wöran (AT), Kristina Maurer (AT)

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With: Kate Crawford (AU), Joe Davis (US), Francesca Bria (IT), Amy Whitaker (US)
Host: Gerfried Stocker (AT)

Moderation: Alexander Wöran (AT), Kristina Maurer (AT)

This year’s Keynotes are cast with extraordinary and renowned speakers, who are cutting-edge thought leaders and whistleblowers from different parts of the globe. Together with artistic and managing director Gerfried Stocker they will discuss current projects and research, as well as take audiences on a rabbit hole deep-dive into theory and future vision.


This conference is presented in the framework of the European ARTificial Intelligence Lab, which is co-funded by the Creative Europe Program of the European Union and the Austrian Federal Ministry for Arts, Culture, Civil Service and Sport.