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KEHAI: Liquid Mirror Series – Square –

Kaito Sakuma (JP)

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The Liquid Mirror Series – Square – is a box that continues to emit sounds autonomously. The mirrored box keeps ticking like a heartbeat, distorting its reflection while camouflaging itself in the scenery. Sakuma will be presenting a new version of this mirrored box with recently recorded sounds of present-day Tokyo. The concept of this project is “kehai,” something invisible but definitely there, which exists in Japanese society. The word “sign” may be the closest definition of “kehai” in English. With COVID-19, physical distances have become so far removed that we have lost the opportunity and the ability to perceive the invisible, as we have come to trust the world we see through our monitors. People will hear the sounds emitted from the mirror and may sense the same “kehai.” People in distant places may also be able to communicate with each other in a new way. This project will explore the nature of communications that is non-verbal and common to all living things.

Kaito Sakuma (JP): Born in 1992. Spent his childhood in both Brazil and Japan. He is a sound artist who works in various fields from digital media to real space. With the theme of “raw existence,” he creates sound spaces that aim to expand cognition. In recent years, he has been creating sound sculptures using mirrored surfaces as a motif. Recent exhibitions include the Chichibugahama Art Festival (2020), SOUND WALL (2020), Any TOKYO (2019) and vertigo (2019). “Ether – liquid mirror” won the New Face Award in the Art Division of the 24th Japan Media Arts Festival.


KEHAI: Liquid Mirror Series – Square –
Concept and Direction: Kaito Sakuma
Fabricator: Be Factory Inc.
Garden TOKYO by Japan Media Arts Festival
Supported by the Agency for Cultural Affairs, Government of Japan