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MindSpaces (INT), University of Maastricht (MU), Eina Idea (ES)

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MindSpaces resident artists translate and present their residency research into virtual experiences to be hosted at Sonar+D festival in October. The proposed content of the exhibition will feature MindSpaces resident artists in a virtual game-like experience. The artists’ current research is being translated into a digital environment while inscribing them in a broader discussion on urban life and emotional engagement. Through this exhibition, MindSpaces articulate some key elements of the project into a different narrative and discussion context. Artists-in-residence: Haseeb Ahmed (US), Sarah Derat (FR), Emanuel Gollob (AT), Emmanuel Van der Auwera (BE), João Martinho Moura (PT), Michael Sedbon (FR)

Haseeb Ahmed (US) (b.1985): is a research-based artist from the US, now based in Brussels. He produces objects, site-specific installations, films, and writes. Often working collaboratively, Ahmed integrates methodologies from the hard sciences into his art production. His work with wind and science began during his master’s program in Art, Culture, and Technology at the MIT, completed in 2010. He is currently an artist in residence at S+T+ARTS MindSpaces and S+T+ARTS in Motion.

Sarah Derat: is a French artist, currently based in London. Her practice is at the intersection of sculpture/installation and digital technology. For the past year and a half, Derat has been particularly interested in exploring the possible resonances that AI/automation have on language, cognition and society at large, via the prism of archeology and anthropology.

Emanuel Gollob: born in 1991, is a freelance industrial designer based in Vienna. An important part of his work is the use of technical innovations, which are frequently repurposed and employed in an exciting way. He’s not interested in wholesale criticism or glorification of technical progress, seeing it as just a source of many-faceted tools for shaping our present and future. Working at the interface of art, technology, and society, his transdisciplinary activities provide insight into alternative scenarios of the present based on current innovations.

Emmanuel Van der Auwera: born in 1982, lives and works in Brussels, Belgium. With the formal rigor of a logician, the artist dissects how images are engineered, mastering specialized industry techniques and intervening in their protocol. In so doing, Van der Auwera brings us no closer to a monolithic truth, but constructs new paradigms for reading images and understanding our relationships with them. His work has recently been featured in exhibitions at WIELS (Brussels, BE), Centre Pompidou (Paris, FR), Palais de Tokyo (Paris, FR), Ars Electronica (Linz, AT) and many others.

João Martinho Moura: is a media artist and researcher born in Portugal, interested in electronic art and embodiment, virtual environments, computer music, and computational aesthetics. For the past 18 years, he has been adopting new ways to present the body and space in digital media. He has a particular interest in art and science, perception and visualization at the intersection of art and technology. Since the 2000s, his work has been presented internationally, several times, in more than 18 countries.

Michael Sedbon: is an interaction designer and artist working in Europe and Asia. His work explores digital networked technologies and systems through their convergence with non-human intelligence (plants, unicellular organisms, insects, bacteria, etc.) regarding Infocene problematics, seen as our current cultural era, where information is the force with the biggest impact on human environments and societies. He holds a Master in Interaction Design from the London College of Communication.