New Blue

Sandra Nicoline Nielsen (DK), Tim van der Loo (NL)

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Linz, In Kepler's Gardens

A Circular Jeans Material

New Blue explores new pathways in the circular economy, aesthetics and production. Denim is an ubiquitous material, loved and used by many. It is also a significant source of waste. The challenge, as we see it, is to find a way to recirculate old, worn-out jeans and leftover fibres within the system.

New Blue exmphasises using unconventional techniques to turn old jeans into fibres. These fibres are then bonded and stitched together with zero-waste pattern embroidery. A grid is stitched over the fibres to create a new, resistant material.  Remaining fibres are collected and reused within this process.

As a result, with its refined patchwork of fibres, New Blue proposes a new textile material that can be easily adopted by the fashion industry. It encourages the reuse of worn out cotton jeans and transforms them into a dynamic new material with a bold aesthetic.


Aitex, Research Textile Institute
Care Applications – research & development
ReFREAM STARTS, European Commission – support
Sophia Wameling – fashion design and prototyping
Misha Gurovich – video and visuals