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Online showcase ‘Immersive Performance’

30,000ft: Kyoungbin Son(KR), Jihyo Han(KR), Sejun Lee(KR), Jiyoung Park(KR) / ARTNORI: Ark Park(KR), Junghoon BakShim(KR), Jun Ryu(KR), Minah Kim(KR), Jiyoung Hong(KR), Hyeri Lee(KR), Wonjeong Lee(KR), Sol Yoon(KR), Jeongwoo Park(KR), Woogyeong Lee(KR), Juyeong Park(KR), Jeongwook Goh(KR), Hongseok Lee(KR), Dongyoung Won(KR), Junghoon Han(KR), DarwinTech Corp(KR) / Inter-cumulation: Jeeyoun Kim(KR), Minjin Jeong(KR), Sooyeon Choi(KR), Jun Ryu(KR), Teri Seo(KR) / MANANA: Yunji Kwon(KR), Minhee Kim(KR), Minyoung Lim(KR), Wangwon Lee(KR), Jahyuk Koo(KR) / On and Off: Jiyoung Park(KR), Jihyo Han(KR), Lime Gwon(KR), Sujin Park(KR), Jeongeun Park(KR), Heesu Mun(KR)

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‘Immersive Performance’ is an online showcase to introduce the creation of the K-arts X Ars Electronica Academy, a creative education program run in cooperation with the Ars Electronica Export. Part 2. Immersive Performance is designed to experiment with a real-time Immersive Content creation process by attempting to merge virtual reality into performance. This program aims to experiment with new possibilities of artistic creation through works created based on the hybrid environment of digital humanism, paying attention to this virtuality and interaction.

30,000ft: 30,000ft is a team of four crews, including Jihyo Han majored in Music composition, Sejun Lee majored in Acting, Jiyoung Park from School of Dance, Kyoungbin Son majored in film. The team creates a fairytale-like artwork that expresses the innocence of their lost childhood.

Inter-Cumulation: Inter-Cumulation is a team of four students from different majors, such as Jeeyoun Kim from Architecture, Minjin Jeong and Sooyeon Choi from Multimedia, and Jun Ryu from Music Technology.

ARTNORI: ARTNORI is a compound word of ART + NORI (PLAY), proving that art can be a play. People who have fun in various fields based on film, dance, music, photography, fine arts, and VR gathered.

On and Off: The name of the team, ‘On and Off’ came from their interaction method between online and offline to create works together. They gathered with various fields including dance, film, music, musical theater creation and animation, to make meaningful work.

MANANA: MANANA consists of Minhee Kim, who majors in architecture, Yunji Kwon, who majors in broadcasting, and Minyoung Lim, who majors in fine arts. MANANA is a combination of ‘mouse’ and ‘banana’, which came from the fact that all the team members were born in the rat’s year and that the subject of the work was bananas.


Professor: Chungyean Cho(KR)
Technical Mentor:Jeonghoon Han(KR), Sanghun Heo(KR)
Teaching Assistant: Jeeyoun Kim(KR)